Printable Halloween Handout with FREE Code!


Add something special to this year’s treat bags – a FREE Community Code for Black Batty Bat Hat that your pet can wear when it goes Trick-or-Treating!


Print off these FREE code sheets to hand out with your Halloween candy, and take them to school to share with your friends!


You, your friends, and all of your trick or treaters can enter this FREE code into the Code Shop when you log into Each code is valid for one Black Batty Bat Hat per account and expires at midnight EST on January 31, 2020.


So share the Pet-rifying fun! Print out your FREE codes and give your friends and trick-or-treaters a real treat!


Click here to download the printable PDF.

41 Responses to Printable Halloween Handout with FREE Code!

  1. Sparklegirl560 says:

    It’s not even letting me see the code I won’t be able to get this :(

  2. AKAurora says:

    I still cannot print out the code! How unfair to those of us who play everyday! Told you there was a problem at the start of the week! Why not just give us the code or mail it to our parents e-mail!

  3. Bobby113 says:

    thanks so much. Cute hat and thanks for all the Halloween stuff and activities. WW is the best.

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