Rainbow Panda Community Challenge Day 5!


You did it! Together we all played Cake It Up over 1,000 times on Webkinz Next!


Here is your code for a






Above is your next task! If the Webkinz Community reaches the goal, you’ll earn a code for a prize in Webkinz Classic!


Come back here tomorrow to see if you reached the goal. If you did, you’ll find your code!


Missed a previous day’s code? Find it here:

Webkinz Community Cupcake W24G-JGNT-LPJD-X5BY

Cupcake Party Display W24R-TEW6-9PK2-BYXS

Webkinz Day Party Table W244-DD3N-5YMJ-X6FE


Enter codeS in the Code Shop which can be accessed through the Things To Do menu when you log into your Webkinz Classic account.  Code expires at midnight EST on September 30, 2021.

51 Responses to Rainbow Panda Community Challenge Day 5!

  1. unikitty11_ says:

    Thank you Webkinz!♥

  2. threehounds says:

    unikitty congrats on your pet leo for winning a gold medal in a beauty pageant. Not easy to win one.

  3. Alphaowlbear says:

    Pet Parade Party is the game of the day – bonus Kinzcash plus helping the community challenge – win win! I love that little Rainbow Panda Plushy!

  4. finnek says:

    Does it count if I play it in the mobile app or does it have to be the desktop version?

  5. threehounds says:

    Forgot to put the word to before win.

  6. Pilgrimcat498 says:

    Sounds great! I can’t wait for Webknz day! I was wondering, is there a way to friend Mandy and Michel in Webkinz Next?

  7. frozenanna2 says:

    Thanks for this wonderful Community Challenge Webkinz!!!! :D Have an awesome day! :)

  8. Moose123 says:

    I play Webkinz Next on my iPad which is an apple product.

  9. babytwinkleavfk says:

    I love how the cake slices have 9′s on them. That table is from Webkinz’ ninth birthday back in 2014 and i still have mine from then.

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