Rainbow Unicorn Plush Sold Out

The Rainbow Unicorn, our first limited-edition plush toy made available specially through sparking babies, is now fully sold out.


With all the toys now in the hands of players, the Rainbow Unicorn has been removed from sparking – no more Rainbow Unicorns will be made, real or virtual.


Congratulations to all our players with Rainbow Unicorns in their families.



About Limited Edition Pets

When sparking a baby in Webkinz Next, there is a small chance that your babies will be one of our uniquely designed, limited-edition pets. Some of these pets are Rare, and others are Ultra-Rare.


When you spark one of these pets, you will have the option to purchase a plush version of your new baby, directly from Ganz, within two weeks of sparking. Limited Edition plush do not include a pet code as your baby is already in the game.


New limited-edition pets will be added to Webkinz Next periodically.




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34 Responses to Rainbow Unicorn Plush Sold Out

  1. darklon says:

    I received an 8 digit unicorn pet code. I thought it was for a NEXT unicorn pet code, but it isn’t. How can I get exchange it for a NEXT pet code?

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      If you purchased a Classic code by mistake, you can try contacting ganzestorecs@ganz.com, but Next codes were not available to purchase individually so they may not exchange it. If you received it from someone else, unfortunately there’s no way to exchange it.

  2. Aritsticat says:

    Help! I bought a Season Pass for this Season’s items and my game crashed and it didn’t go through. I’ve been charged on my bank account already. What do I do? I saw the message for Customer Service, but it’s only Monday to Fridays, today is Saturday, and the event ends in barely over 2 days from now.

    • Aritsticat says:

      I did send Customer Service an e-mail with screenshots attached of the situation, but just in case I posted here for backup since customer service isn’t open currently.

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      Try contacting the app store you purchased it from — they have to send the info over to the game before it appears there.

      • Aritsticat says:

        I purchased another season pass last month and it went through immediately, but this time wasn’t the case (Probably because my game crashed while it was processing). I was able to contact Microsoft Store and they were luckily able to refund it, so I can simply repurchase the pass. Thank you for the advice!

  3. leaveitnow41s says:

    hallelujah North America!

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