Rare Theme Showcase: Neo Gothic Theme!


Arte’s Curio Shop has some amazing things, including many spectacular rare themes!


His stock changes every hour, so you have to check back often to see what he has to offer!


Here’s a look at the RARE Neo Gothic theme that can only be found in the Curio Shop!






Deluxe Members also have access to a second set of items updated hourly, so they have TWICE the chance of finding amazing items! Learn more about Deluxe Membership here.


Have YOU collected any of the items from this rare theme? Let us know in the comments below!


71 Responses to Rare Theme Showcase: Neo Gothic Theme!

  1. frisky123abc says:

    ugh, Is everything only for Deluxe?!

    • Alphaowlbear says:

      Most of this collection is available to everyone.

      • Alphaowlbear says:

        I completed this collection, except the eStore pieces, without being deluxe. I don’t think you read the article correctly. The article states that deluxe members have access to a second set of items every hour, but the items themselves are not deluxe. Also, many of the extra items pictured in the showcased room are from different activities.

  2. 48Becky says:

    I have some of this theme for my purple panther’s suite. There’s way more that I need, after looking at this post! The wallpaper and flooring, the piano, and the bathtub are what I want most.

  3. Pupwolf says:

    All the items that belong to the theme are pictured above the showcased room. I like to see a theme room that incorporates lots of items gathered from different activities and pull room together. The trading room is a great place to find deluxe items or the Nefaria pieces.

  4. Picia says:

    I have the full theme and tons of extras! (Aside from the 2 estore items)

  5. Beckinz8 says:

    I’m sorry that you are so disappointed 2echo7. It may seem surprising, but I’ve been able to find the whole theme at the Curio Shop except for the lamp which I was just blessed to receive from a new friend. I don’t have the estore things, but that’s okay because my Neo Gothic room is already full anyway. While I really love that piano, I’m patient, and I’m willing to wait and hope that it someday comes along. I won’t let what I don’t have stop me from enjoying all of the wonderful things that I do have.

  6. tinygma says:

    QUESTION – Do any of you know where the LAMP is from ? I would like to get it but I have never seen it before .

  7. tinygma says:

    Bath tub is e-store I don’t know about the chest .

  8. tinygma says:

    Can I be honest without WEBKINZ GETTING RID OF A WEB SITE i LOVE the Curio Shop Rare Tracker !!! I START MY DAY at this site and plan my day with Activities Page on Webkinz . No better place to start a day . They help so very much . PLEASE LET THEM keep on helping !!!

  9. RainbowDash20PercentCoole says:

    this theme is awesome! i only have the bed to it tho.

  10. frisky123abc says:

    I LOVE that theme! I can’t find it though. I get on every hour to check and I never see it!

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