Replacing DiceKinz Dice Packs and T-Shirt Maker Framed Displays!


As Webkinz World has continued to move forward, some features that were not popular had to be left behind. However, some of these features involved items that either no longer have any use, or are too complicated to reproduce in the new system.


As of January 7th, if you have any DiceKinz Dice Packs in your Dock, they will be replaced with a DiceKinz Coin. The new coins can each be sold for 250 KinzCash, or you can send it to a friend, or even trade it in the trading rooms.



Also as of January 7th, the T-Shirt Maker Framed Display will no longer be customized per player. This will be replaced with a new, single version of the T-Shirt Maker Framed Display. However, since this new framed display no longer contains any player-specific information, it can be sold, traded, or sent through KinzPost.




Do you have any of these old items on your Webkinz account? Let us know in the comments below!


199 Responses to Replacing DiceKinz Dice Packs and T-Shirt Maker Framed Displays!

  1. Chocolatepuppy64 says:

    Why can’t we still buy these packs anymore? Is there any way that we can get these without trading items

  2. TheMamaDragon says:

    Did the timing on this go wonky? I had a number of Dicekinz packs, but no coins have appeared.

  3. DeDona says:

    The DiceKinz coin is NOT tradeable and it is NOT kinzpostable. Oh well, what did I expect? I had to come back in here and confirm what the message said. Oops, I guess this one was programmed incorrectly…

  4. 0bella0 says:

    Anyone else still have that mistletoe gift box in their dock? I don’t know how to get rid of mine :( logs me out every time I drag it in my room and try to open it.

  5. MizTrixie says:

    I had two of the Tshirt frames before the disappeared

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