Rescue Team Community Challenge – Day 5!



Click here to take the final challenge – the Rescue Team Scavenger Hunt!



You did it! The Webkinz Community played Polar Plunge 2,000 times to win:


Chalet Flooring


Enter the code at the Code Shop on Code awards one item per Webkinz account and expires at midnight EST on March 31, 2019.


Missed previous codes? Find them here:

Chalet Window W248-FEML-86QS-3TFN

Chalet Chair W24V-J58E-BJ2M-YSN2

Rescue Team Desk W24R-NM2C-X7S6-SUL6


Get today’s challenge below:



Welcome to your training, recruits! We hope you signed in for duty at the Rescue Team Room in the Clubhouse. Now, a team has to learn to work together! That’s why this week we’re inviting you to work as a community to complete your training.


Each day between January 21 and 26,  you will be given a new task, and if you all manage to complete the goal we’ve set, you’ll receive a Community Code for your hard work! Check back here the next morning after 9:30 am to see if you completed the goal!


Your training won’t be easy – as part of Rescue Team, you’ll be expected to be fast, resourceful and agile. Then you’ll have one day to relax and enjoy some hot chocolate on Friday before facing your final test on Saturday – rescuing a stranded hiker!


Here’s your training schedule for the week. Good luck, recruits!


206 Responses to Rescue Team Community Challenge – Day 5!

  1. bright1234 says:

    W24K-JSPD-VBM7-XVY8 The Code for Chalet Wallpaper. It is Posted About 2 or 3 Articles Above this Article

  2. 22snowball says:

    Did we not make the hot chocolate challenge, I keep checking for a code for the wall paper, but never found one?

  3. kitterztoo says:

    For those of you stuck on the cupcake clue, It’s NOT the floating ones. Look for the article titled, “Look For The Floating Cupcakes In Webkinz And On Newz!” That is where you will find the clue.

  4. dblyg2u says:

    Did we make the 3000 hot chocolate to win the wallpaper? I keep checking to see if the code appears. I wish Ganz had given us a counter to keep up with our community counts! Does anyone know if we made it or not? Thank you :)

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