Rextexmex: Secret Recipe Revealed!


This recipe food may look like a crown fit for a coronation, but instead of wearing it your pet can eat it! By combining 3 common ingredients found in the WShop on a stove, you too can make this supreme snack!
Here is how it is made:


• Use: any stove
• Ingredients: Chicken Nuggets, Coconut, and Nacho Chips

This regal recipe will definitely delight your pets, so get cooking and make this your crowning achievement!




32 Responses to Rextexmex: Secret Recipe Revealed!

  1. slugbug2000 says:

    Let’s have some clothing recipes revealed! Or at least some hints…please! It would be nice to learn the newer ones… lol :P I wish there was some method to the recipes but then I guess that would be too easy.

  2. zeph317 says:

    I’m sure our pets will like it. I wouldn’t. :)

  3. TinaKitty24 says:

    This is already solved! I knew this a long time ago!!! :oops:

  4. True2MyWord1 says:

    Yay! Sounds yummy! Can’t wait to make this someday. :mrgreen: :cry: :oops: :evil: -T2MW1- 1-1-2-3-5-8-13-21 Rocks!!

  5. JaneOfAllTrades says:

    Cool thanks! I thought this was only a prize food.

  6. ilovefoxes951 says:

    THX GANZ! :mrgreen:

  7. ATBbigs says:

    this one has already been discovered, I need the mega recipes please.

  8. softball911101 says:

    that sounds cool guys!!!!!!!! I bet my pets Holly and Holiday will certainly love that!

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