Ribbon Lion Retires!

ATTENTION ALL COLLECTORS: The Ribbon Lion is sold out from our warehouse and no more will EVER be made! That means this adorable pet and its adoption gifts have become collectors’ items! All Ribbon Lion owners are invited to visit Today’s Activities THIS weekend to count sailboats on Saturday (May 3rd) and pick up a FREE Wish Token on Sunday (May 4th).

26 Responses to Ribbon Lion Retires!

  1. sunjewel345kinz says:

    sad.Happy and sad moments :D

  2. sunjewel345kinz says:

    Oh god. I wanted this pet. Well hopefully another lion will come? :d

  3. stpattyhatty says:

    Ganz please make next retired pet googles or leopard I have like all the old pets

  4. coleyj14 says:

    My second favorite PET!

  5. Trixiepinkie3 says:

    Where is my wish token I didn’t get it when i bought this for my daughter

  6. Trixiepinkie3 says:

    I’m a parent my daughter did not get the wish token when I bought the Ribbon Lion today. It is not in my dock where the coins are not inside the present we opened. I looked in the wish factory and we still only have 9 just like before. How do I get her wish token? Help

  7. warriors2002 says:

    I’m so happy that I already have this magnificent pet in my collection!! Ribbonary my lion is awesome! So sad to see pets go though. Maybe I’ll look on Amazon.

  8. MyCatWhiskersRocks says:

    I WANTED TO GET THIS PET!!!!!!!!! ;-( :-(

  9. sophiesophie890 says:

    Tomorrow I will have the ribbon lion !

  10. iloveolaf2014 says:

    NOOOOOOO!!! aww i was looking for this pet, i actually saw this webkinz in a katy perry video called last friday night lol

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