Roasted Royalliario: Super Chef Secret Recipe Revealed!


If you want to do something special for your pet, try treating them like royalty by creating this previously-unsolved Super Chef Secret Recipe – Roasted Royalliario!


Super Chef Recipes can only be made on the Super Chef Stove found in Daisy’s Diner Clubhouse room using 3 other recipe foods as ingredients!





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29 Responses to Roasted Royalliario: Super Chef Secret Recipe Revealed!

  1. jenvic says:

    or she went on a surprise honeymoon with dr. quack lol

  2. Charlestonian says:

    Does anyone have the Superstinachew recipe ? I’m pretty sure I saw it on one of these archives but now can’t find it. Thanks

  3. paduga1 says:

    Thank everyone for the above recipes.

  4. RollingInStuffies says:

    Just trying to make a secret clothing recipe but finding that when I buy a clothing piece I can’t use it in the machine. Is there any way we can get a list of the clothing pieces that are accepted for the recipes?

  5. calicojag77 says:

    does any one know if murkalgae muffins have been solved yet?

  6. ArcanineEspeon says:

    I’m honestly floored that Rextexmex isn’t in this recipe.

  7. AL96 says:

    Does anyone know the recipes for the first two foods listed?

  8. nanamama12 says:

    Oh, my goodness! I’m so excited! When I first saw this I was thinking that I already had this recipe. I checked my ‘cookbook’ and found that it is indeed a new one! I happily added it to my ‘cookbook’ and if one of my pets asks to cook something I will make one of the recipe parts and then go make one of my own! What a bright spot in a gloomy, rainy day!

  9. missimoo says:

    I’ve never seen the Turretango Twist? Where can I get that?

  10. tjnorth10 says:

    hey guys for some reason I cannot access the welcome room in clubhouse. anyone know why?

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