Room Design Awards: Meet the Finalists!


10 designers will be joining an elite group of Room Design Award winners, but I need your help to decide who will be taking home the infamous Room Design Trophy!



It was particularly difficult narrowing the list down to 22 finalists, so I decided that players who had already won a Room Design Trophy in the past, would not be eligible to win this time around.


Special shout-out to Autumn, Nattie, Grandpascutie, Traveller, Coco, Kibarry73 & Gappytoo! They have each submitted some excellent room designs since the last Room Design Awards were held however, they have each won trophies in the past, so you won’t see them among the finalists below. Traveller’s “Saving The Koala” room was a particularly touching tribute to the koalas suffering from the Australian wildfires. I hope we continue to see room designs from each of you moving forward!


And now for the finalists! There are 22 in the group, but only 10 will be taking home a Room Design Trophy. Please take a look at each room design carefully. On Friday, March 13th, you’ll be asked to pick your top 3 favorites:

Congratulations finalists… I wish you each the best of luck!


Remember, 10 Room Design Trophies will be awarded this time around. Here’s how the winners will be chosen:


  • 5 winners will be decided by a vote right here on Webkinz Newz. From Friday, March 13th – Sunday, March 15th (ending @ midnight, EST), players can vote for their top 3 favorite designs and the 5 designers who receive the most votes will be awarded a Room Design Trophy.


  • 4 winners will be chosen by the Webkinz Newz Team. Sally, Mandy, Steve and I will each choose our favorite room design and the designers will be awarded a Room Design Trophy


  • The 10th winner will be chosen by the Webkinz staff, here at Webkinz headquarters


Do you want the chance to become a finalist for the next Room Design Awards? Email me a screenshot of your favorite Webkinz room design. You can send it to If I post it on Webkinz Newz, you will automatically become eligible to become a finalist for the next Webkinz Room Design Awards!


Do you have a favorite finalist so far? Let us know in the comment section below…


93 Responses to Room Design Awards: Meet the Finalists!

  1. geneva says:

    michael!! i had no idea i was even a finalist until just now! was sharing my room with someone and they said ‘oh wasnt that you’ haha anyways tysm <3 for featuring my room and having me as a finalist! means a lot, hope all is well

  2. bella201223 says:

    Beautiful everyone! My favorites are:
    photo studio
    night on broadway
    kinzwood movie lot

  3. Petgrammy88 says:

    I love all of them. I love love love love the first one a lot.

  4. lilstinky says:

    All of the entries are great! My favorites are Hocus Pocus, The Front Garden and the Sewing Room (I would love a room like that for myself – LOL).

    • Roxy616 says:

      Thanks so much, lilstinky…One of my favorites is also Sewing Room by zoe510 (my grandmother was a professional seamstress and quilter, and this brings back wonderful memories of watching and sometimes helping her make clothing, etc.) I absolutely love getting to see all the amazing and extremely creative designs featured here each week and am very honored to have my room chosen as one of the finalists. I wish the best of luck to everyone…All of the rooms are fantastic!!!

  5. Blaine says:

    So many beautiful rooms! Is the Room Design trophy sendable? That would make sense as the creative Famous Portraits entry has one of the trophies right in the middle of the room.

  6. j9e9n9n9y9 says:

    I love the efort and time you all put into making these beautiful room designs.I wish positive thoughts to all you hard workers. keep dreaming and creating these wonderful designs.I also admire whoever made “The Front Garden.”Best wishes to all.

  7. ashley1206 says:

    LOVE the science room and the Kinzville Ice cream shop! So so cute!

  8. cane46 says:

    Hi Itty Bitty……. love the Famous Portrats room…… the wallpaper is from…..?Best of Luck to all!

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