Room Design Awards – Meet the Finalists!



Over the past few months, I have received hundreds of room design submissions. Probably the most I have ever received since starting this series of posts. Thank you so much for sending them in! If you haven’t seen yours appear in a post, don’t worry… There is still a huge backlog, and we will be continuing this series following the Room Design Awards.


Congratulations to the following 20 finalists! It was obviously extremely difficult to pick 20 from all the designs I’ve posted since the last Room Design Awards, but I tried to choose players who have never won before in the past.


Please look over each room design carefully. You’ll be able to vote for your favorites from Friday, September 18 – Sunday, September 20:



I honestly believe that all 20 finalists deserve to win a trophy, but only 10 Room Design Trophies will be awarded this time around. Here’s how the winners will be chosen:


  • 5 winners will be decided by a vote, right here on Webkinz Newz. From Friday, September 18 – Sunday, September 20 (ending @ midnight, EST), players can vote for their top 3 favorite designs and the 5 designers who receive the most votes will be awarded a Room Design Trophy.

  • 4 winners will be chosen by the Webkinz Newz Team. Sally, Mandy, Steve and I will each choose our favorite room design and the designers will be awarded a Room Design Trophy

  • The 10th winner will be chosen by the Webkinz staff


Congratulations finalists… and good luck!


Do you know who you’ll be voting for? Let us know in the comment section below…


59 Responses to Room Design Awards – Meet the Finalists!

  1. TobyAndMia2020 says:

    I’m gonna vote for Birthday Part Room or Clucky’s Restaurant. They all look good! Great job everyone!

  2. TobyAndMia2020 says:

    When someone gets the most votes what will happen?

  3. mrgower says:

    I can’t wait to vote for Failed Health Inspection! I love it! :)

  4. AnimalGirl1991 says:

    I absolutely love the “kiss the girl” theme! And I also like the “failed inspection” theme too. Both super creative! Congrats to all the finalists :)

  5. avarine says:

    I love the book bar, but also the robin hood room, kinzville skyport, and girl’s room! It’s going to be so hard to choose!

  6. orangewing2020 says:

    I’m torn between Kiss the Girl, and Garden at Sunset. Both rooms were designed so well; they’re both beautiful! Kiss the Girl is so clever and creative, and Garden at Sunset is fresh yet fun, and it seems like the perfect way to say goodbye to summer. Haha! This will take some deliberation… Congrats and good luck to all the finalists!

  7. judesjar says:

    Failed health inspection…how clever!

  8. BrandeeStephens says:

    Congratulations to all the finalists! I already have three room designs in mind that I’ll be voting for. Good job everyone and Good Luck!

  9. harevister1 says:

    These rooms are so well thought out and put together. I have more than three that I really like, so voting is going to be difficult for me as well. I’ll do my best in making my decision while hoping the ganz teams chose the other rooms as their winning choice.

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