Rustic Window & Antique Lounger AVAILABLE NOW


The Marshmallow Collection Event is back in Webkinz World!


There are so many amazing prizes available this year that we were inspired to build this study room!


Plus, the Rustic Window and Antique Lounger have been created to match the rest of the Marshmallow Collection prizes. You’ll be able to find them at the Ganz eStore and in the NEW & PROMOS section of the W-Shop available now.


What kind of rooms have you been inspired to make? We would love to know so tell us below!


You may find this and much more at eStore!


37 Responses to Rustic Window & Antique Lounger AVAILABLE NOW

  1. orangewing2020 says:

    I just upgraded my writer’s nook in WW thanks to this amazing! I love it so much, thank you Ganz and Webkinz!

  2. charlene90 says:

    I agree with all of you! It shocks me how regular players (who have already paid for Webkinz pets) are limited to certain items and games. Deluxe has taken over Webkinz World. I especially hate to see so many awesome room themes that were once available to all players only available to Deluxe. It’s not fair since Deluxe players already get extra Kinzcash and bonus prizes. Regular players are left selling many of their items just to buy ONE rare item. Webkinz World didn’t used to have Deluxe at all, not even ePoints. Everyone was equal, and when Deluxe was first introduced, it was just a bonus. Thank goodness we have Arte Fact selling Deluxe items to all players in his Curio Shop! I have bought 15+ items from his shop, and even though they are expensive, I am thankful for him. He also sells items from room themes that are no longer available. I think everyone should check his store out. I’m even more shocked about how Ganz changed Webkinz World. Comparing Webkinz World to when it first began to now, I like the older version better. As I said before, players were equal. This is what made Webkinz so much fun! To finish off, if any Deluxe player would be willing to friend me and send me some of the Deluxe items in the Garden Oasis room theme, I would love it! In return, I would be happy to send you a package of expensive Kinzcash items.

    • pamala says:

      Please add me I’m mercedes63 I have 15 deluxe sites have played sine the second year webkinz was introduced. I would love to send you items and please nothing is expected in return save your cash, I love sharing just except items and I will be smiling thinking of you opening your gifts, (:

    • GiantTurtle says:

      This is exactly how I feel! It is sad to see the decline of regular player opportunities, as well as a decline in plush pets.

  3. KimAA1214 says:

    Welcome Sugar P! I hope you enjoy WW as much as I do! If any of you would like to friend me, my user name is Aleskar and I will gladly send you any Deluxe items or anything else that I have that you need. Just leave me a quick note here of what your user name is and what you need. I will be happy to send what you’re looking for and I am not looking for anything in return. Let me know how I can help you!!

    • KellyLakeKid says:

      Does anybody know how to get in touch with a real person at Ganz? This is the 1st time I have let a deluxe account account automatically renew, and guess what? They renewed it, took the money, and for 3 months I have not gotten a deluxe monthly prize, and NO deluxe points. I figured it out, and they owe me 9000 points, and I can not seem to be able to reach a real person! I am totally frustrated with it! My account is KrackerJackKiddos in case Sally or somebody who could help would take a few minutes and please help me!!!!! Thanks!!!

    • GiantTurtle says:

      Hello KimAA1214! I am GiantTurtle both here on WebkinzNewz and Webkinz World< and would like to be friends. It's always nice to see friendly active Webkinz players! Another active player is DisneyDino, and we are good friends. I'll keep you posted if I want anything, but for now, just happy to reach out to active players for help on the Marshmallow Challenge and Quests!

      • KimAA1214 says:

        Very Happy to meet you GiantTurtle! I was excited to receive and accept your request today! Before I saw this, I posted elsewhere asking what I can send you but I now see my answer. I also saw DisneyDino’s post and will send a friend request to them now. I’m a daily player who is glad to meet others who enjoy the game as I do. With the safeguards in place to protect the children who play, I’m not sure if or how communicating is possible but if ever I can help out or send an item you are looking for, just let me know!!! And DisneyDino should have received my friend request (WW user name Aleskar)

    • Disneydino says:

      Hey KimAA1214! I am a fairly active player who loves Webkinz! Wanna be friends? My name is DisneyDIno here and on Webkinz!

  4. julieperkins says:

    Just WOW!!!

  5. tkkac says:

    Surprise surprise, by W-Shop they meant eStore. Looks like this will just be another room I struggle to find matching pieces for and can’t really complete.

    • GoGanz24 says:

      They didn’t mean eStore. It is in the eStore, but it is also in the W-Shop like they said.

      • tkkac says:

        They merged the eStore with the W-Shop a few years back just for this reason, so they could blur the lines. Yes, they did mean that they were eStore point items. Most people remember when the two were separate and still call KC items W-Shop items and eStore point items eStore. They know this and usually do make a distinction. This time they didn’t. They did not stress available in the W-Shop for eStore points. They did not answer anyone’s questions when asked if they meant KC or eStore points. It was misleading, I stand by that.

        • GoGanz24 says:

          You made it sound like it wasn’t in the W-shop only the eStore (which is a separate website). I was only informing you that their statement of it being in the W-shop was correct. As for them not saying it’s for eStore points, the very top of the article under the title above the picture says this article was posted by “Ganz eStore”, the article also ends in an orange sentence telling us it’s at the eStore as well as a picture link to the eStore. Beside those, all of the bonus items to go with the collections are for eStore points, at this point, it should be common knowledge that it would cost eStore points. They didn’t need to answer the questions because the article itself had so many clues that they were eStore items.

          • tkkac says:

            Wrong. This article makes it clear the items are eStore. The first mention of these items was in a story about the marshmallow event. It was posted by Wenkinz Newz. That is the misleading article where they fail to inform those asking if they would be eStore points or KC.

          • GoGanz24 says:

            This will probably be my last comment about this because it seems like you just want to argue, and that’s not why I responded. I will say this though, the other article, this article, they both said the items would be in the W-shop; they are. The articles are honest, accurate, and to the point; absolutely nothing misleading about either of them.

  6. gromit says:

    This room is very neat! ✿

  7. 50ishwebbies says:

    LOVE this collection!!! Well done Design Team!

  8. KSC says:

    WOW! This room is so beautiful!!

  9. SugarP says:

    I opened my Webkinz account in February and some of the things in Webkinz still confuse me. I don’t understand why part of a theme is available for free and part of it is available for epoints only. Even with the new garden theme, 4 items were restricted and I thought that theme was supposed to be available for everyone. I just don’t get why to split up a theme like that. I’m a full membership player and I pay a lot of money to buy Webkinz plushies but there are so many restrictions for full players.

    • redsox7234 says:

      I agree and feel the same way, and my family has been playing webkinz for years, first my kids now my nieces and nephews it is confusing why everything is not available for full membership holders

    • alucard says:

      Welcome SugarP! Many of us that have been playing WebKinz for years don’t understand why they split up some of the room themes. There are even items that at one time you could “buy” using KidzCash, but now are only for purchase using epoints, which you have to buy in order to use. Many things have changed in WebKinz World, some for the better, some not for the better. To my knowledge, we have never been given a reason for any of these changes. I think we all realize that Ganz is in the business to make money, so some changes are understandable. Yet, they have made it harder in many ways for most players. Buying a WebKinz plush toy in a regular shop or store, is almost impossible now. You can’t even find the EStore Cards which let you add epoints to your account as needed. There use to be so many other items you could buy for yourself or your plushy. Things like clothes for your plushy, real charms for the Magic Forest games, lip balm, little figurines, bookmarks, and many other items. I don’t think those items are still sold in stores, at least I can’t find them. And, I don’t understand why Ganz tries to make it hard on the average WebKinz Non-Deluxe player. Many players don’t like to, or can’t, buy things on the internet. I guess it’s like the “real” world. There will always be the “Haves” and the “Have Nots”. I’m a “Have Not” too. Meaning, I’m not a Deluxe Member. Still, don’t despair! You can still enjoy playing on WebKinz without being a Deluxe Member. I really enjoy playing on WebKinz. It’s my down time each day. So, don’t give up! If you would like to be friends with me on WebKinz, my user name is farout1. :-)

    • beerfeet says:

      I agree! Even though I am deluxe I am shocked at the prices. They are priced like some of the Rare themes most expensive items. Not sure why Ganz made the patio chairs so expensive or the tiles. 350kc for each tile makes it very ridiculous and near impossible to create an actual patio. Does Ganz think the WW economy is doing well enough to inflate prices like this? My niece can’t afford to spend her hard won kc on those items. Have a heart and lower the prices!

      • perfect29_backup says:

        sometimes the todays activities have stuff that gives you wShop coupons, if you get a 50 or 90 you can use them on it to try and get a lower price.

      • GiantTurtle says:

        I agree. If it is supposed to be like “real life” by caring for pets, why is everything so expensive? My KinzCash rises slowly to 7000 and drops to 2000 within 5 minutes of shopping in the W-Shop! I hate having less than 3000, because of the crazy expensive items. PS: I think it would be cool if you could invite people to your house (in Webkinz) and serve them at a home cafe. Like you buy the food to serve, and you play a simpler quicker version of “Pizza Palace”

    • perfect29_backup says:

      the events work like this, there is furniture that you get from the event and they make eStore furniture to go with it. They need people to buy deluxe, so that’s why the garden oasis theme is not available to all full players, if your not a full player or a deluxe player you can barely buy anything, but some of my favorite items are free player. Also, you can still do almost anything without a deluxe, really the only stuff that’s pretty much restricted is vacation island, you can ask for deluxe players to send you the 4 items that are restricted. Also, what I would do to save money is to buy a webkinz once a year, so you can use it to keep your full player membership without spending that much money. If you wanted to become deluxe, you can get a one month membership for 1 dollar, but you’d have to cancel it at the end of the month so it wouldn’t recur.

    • GiantTurtle says:

      I feel the same way. I have been playing for nearly a decade, and many changes have happened over the course of the game. I wish that Webkinz did not break up room themes, and hand over the School Theme to Deluxe only!!! I am so sad that the School theme is no longer open to free players. I feel as if people with 10+ or maybe 15+ pets on their account should be able to access more. I have over 20 pets on my account, but I still access the same as a person who has 3. I think I should get some premium rights. I am not saying that Webkinz should take more away from free players with full memberships, it is just that if you aren’t Deluxe, you are handicapped on a number of levels. I miss when being Deluxe was just a cool advantage, like an elite class, not as much of a “necessity” as it has been as of recently.

    • netge says:

      Hi SugarP. Welcome to Webkinz. I agree with much of what has been said on the thread you started. I used to like Webkinz when I started playing 10 years ago and have barely missed a day since. I have two accounts, both Deluxe, which isn’t cheap to do since they stopped the cheaper second add on last year. I well remember when I used to have to sell back items at half price if I saw a rare item I wanted and when I was desperate for kinzcash to buy new items. I have 2.5 Million kinzcash on my main account and about 900,000 on my second account. I’ll be happy to send you the Deluxe only items in the new garden theme if you’d like to friend me. My user names are netg and netg2. Don’t worry about buying anything expensive to send back, I’ll be happy if you can send me marshmallows, etc in collection events, if I ask you.

      • redsox7234 says:

        Hi netge I would like to friend you if you could send me the deluxe only items from the garden theme, I have many rare items and lots of kc as well please let me know if you are missing anything, our 2 family accounts have been open since 2007 as well. thanks. redsox7234 is my account name and I will be more than happy to send marshmallows etc.

        • netge says:

          Hi redsox7234, happy to send the deluxe garden items if you’d like to friend me. Not sure what I am missing, but I don’t get any of the US/Canadian special items, as I live in the UK. I have around 200 pets, 123 on the main account and the rest on my second account. I occasionally buy estore points, but only when I see something I really want and need more.

      • ZOEY62809 says:

        Hi netge, there are 3 of us in our family with accounts on WW. None of us are deluxe :o( but we are all full members. We go on daily and always send our friends building and collection requests. Although I can’t guarantee that we will be one of the first 5 you receive for collection events, rest assured we do send requests back daily. Our accounts are in Eastern Time and we do go on daily but depending on our schedules it could be anytime during the day from morning to night. If you would like more friends you can send us friend requests on WW to TOBY51007, 99Milkbones, and Willster101. We are very impressed with the amount of KC you have accumulated. We thought we were doing good with amounts between 70,000 and 90,000 :o) We did spend a lot of our KC on the Deluxe Day for everyone day. Time to save up again in case they have that day again next year – we can hope!

        • ZOEY62809 says:

          Dear netge, We have all accepted your friend requests and are so happy to have you as our friend in WW. We were all extremely surprised and blown away with the more than generous gifts you sent to each of us!!! We can’t thank you enough for your generosity and kindness :o) The deluxe items really help make our garden rooms more beautiful and complete. Again, thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Your new friends, TOBY51007, 99Milkbones, and Willster101

        • ZOEY62809 says:

          Dear netge, You just can’t imagine how stunned we all were to receive another gift package from you making it possible for all of us to complete our beautiful Garden Rooms. How wonderful it is to have a finished room theme :o) It is very frustrating that almost every room in the w-shop has pieces to it that are deluxe only, which makes it impossible to ever have a completed room theme. At times Arte does have deluxe items for sale that anyone can buy in the Curio Shop but there are still many deluxe items in his shop that are still only for deluxe players. I’m thinking that may be the case with the Gazebo and Waterfall for this theme. So to get to the point, we can’t thank you enough for making it possible for us to have a completed garden room as this was a beautiful theme that we all voted for and wanted. Again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your generosity!!! Your WW friends, TOBY51007, 99Milkbones and Willster101

      • GiantTurtle says:

        Hi netge! I am always on the lookout for active Webkinz players to friend. I had over a 100 at one point, but most don’t play anymore so I dropped them in hopes of finding active players through WebkinzNewz. Anyways, I’m GiantTurtle on Webkinz and I log in daily. If I find something that I would like, would this be the place to ask? I don’t need a lot, just sometimes a Deluxe item catches my eye! Thanks, GiantTurtle. PS: Another fairly active player is DisneyDino!

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