Say Goodbye to Spring Clothing!


The seasons they are a-changin’ are so are the styles at the KinzStyle Outlet! The new Fall Clothing Line will be arriving on September 18th, and this means it’s the last chance to last chance to pick up this year’s Spring Clothing Line. PJ will be retiring the entire line, and you never know which ones may not return next year! So if there’s any thrilling threads you’ve had your eye on, don’t delay! Head over to the KinzStyle Outlet and pick up a fun and fabulous outfit today!

31 Responses to Say Goodbye to Spring Clothing!

  1. Nannerz says:

    Love those boots! I wish on the Webkinz Supermodelz game they would add newer clothing! It gets boring if you do they same thing over and over again!!

  2. ewp8 says:

    I can’t wait for the new clothes!!!

  3. wribenjam says:

    how do u make smilies

  4. Hatter says:

    Stoogles is certainly stingy with the clothing because he shows up only very occasionally and far in between. I have seen him only 5 times since this started.

  5. moldy28 says:

    cant wait looks like fun

  6. Stealthstorm says:

    I made sure I grabbed everything that wasn’t Deluxe! :D I cannot wait for fall clothing! Winter is on its way! ~SS

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