School Play Auditions & Casting!



Hello everyone,

Ms. Cowoline here with some exciting news: I’m thrilled to announce that we’ve decided on this year’s play! We’re going to perform The Three Musketeers, so get ready for some swashbuckling action and daring drama. Here are our casting choices:

Playing the dashing hero D’Artagnan will be Alex Tiger.




Playing the part of Athos, the brave and wise Musketeer, will be Sparky Fact.





Playing the part of the jolly Musketeer, Porthos, will be Molly Pig.





Playing the part of the quick and daring Musketeer Aramis will be Salley Cat.





Playing the part of the evil Milady de Winter will be Purr-cilla.





Playing the part of the scary and powerful Cardinal Richelieu will be Laurabeard.




Playing the part of the beautiful and loyal Constance will be Polly Panda.





Playing the part of the lonely Queen Anne will be Nibbles Hippo.





Playing the part of Milady’s evil minion will be Stoogles.




Playing the part of Milady’s other evil minion will be Cowabelle.







41 Responses to School Play Auditions & Casting!

  1. kitties eat pie yum says:

    Purr-cilla’s outfit is so cute!

  2. squiggle949 says:

    i want my pet alexa in the play. when is casting # 2

  3. Princess 78 says:

    I cant wait to see it. I hope the dresses come to the Curio Shop as a Rare item. (Then I could get it!)

  4. >^..^< Catkin says:

    I have to ask – why are there only 3 boy cast members in this production that’s got 7 male roles? Where are the boys?

  5. AvalancheChick says:

    Cool! Can’t wait!

  6. harevister1 says:

    This looks like the perfect lineup. I like it and I enjoy The Three Musketeer’s.

  7. Kitty says:

    I bet we’ll see an article about how Cowabelle hates her part.

  8. webkinz fasionestia says:

    this is cool! i love the book three muskuteers! last years robin hood was nice! cool costumes too!

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