School Theme Being Removed from WShop

It will be returning to the WShop in the fall with brand new items to collect, however there is no way of knowing which items from the theme will be retired for good! Is your Webkinz a teacher’s pet? If so, you may want to grab this theme before it’s gone!


62 Responses to School Theme Being Removed from WShop

  1. JookieJess says:

    If anyone has any items from this theme, PLEASE send them to me. My Webkinz account is JIUG2013. I will send something in return. Thanks!!!

  2. adawn8 says:

    awwwww…… sad to see it go

  3. PANDAGIRLK9 says:

    Oh man! My brother was making a schoolroom……….. at least he can win things from the Academy’s recess……….. and other Webkinz members can, too! :)

  4. loolin says:

    winter theme? yay!

  5. petlover24435 says:

    I’m on it! Shopping spree powers go! Oh wait…I don’t have enough kinzcash…awwww!

  6. charisln5 says:

    nooo! and I hardly have any kinzcash!

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