Season 3 ends tomorrow!



The Candyland Concert has been a blast! But now it’s time to leave the stage and make way for a new season!


The Sparkling Kingdom Season starts on June 16 with a whole new set of tasks, and a treasure trove of sparkling new prizes!


Tuesday, June 14 is the last day of the Candyland Concert Season, and your last chance to complete your tasks to earn some sweet Season prizes!


And remember, it’s still not too late to purchase the Season Pass and collect all the exclusive Season Pass prizes you might have earned! And if you’re short a few points, the Season Pass bundle includes 250 Season Points so it could be just the boost you need to make the final encore!


We hope you’ve had as much fun at the Candyland Concert as we have, and we can’t wait to meet you in the Sparkling Kingdom!


Tell us, which Candyland Concert prize was YOUR favorite?




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34 Responses to Season 3 ends tomorrow!

  1. megamom12 says:

    Because I was away for a week, I had to use the diamonds that I had saved to spark a baby to finish it off this time. I got 20 of them back right away, so it wasn’t too bad! At least I got it down that low in the first place. This month was a bad one to only get the regular pass instead of the one with points! Lesson learned!

  2. Grandma52 says:

    I would suggest not to harvest any crops or use the clothing machine etc. , until we know what the new challenges will be :) Looking forward to the new season.

  3. choover143 says:

    I was surprised when this season ended another one didn’t start. I really like the challenges of the Seasons :)

  4. laylawnee says:

    Does the new season start today or Thursday? I saw no season at all this morning when I logged in.

  5. Rareone says:

    I liked the candy dress, and shoes, very cute! I prefer diamonds, furniture, clothes, and wish tokens. I really have no use for the emojis or avatars. Can’t wait until we can trade (assuming that’s going to be an option), as the capsules gave me three of the same things this, and last season :(

    • grimmbrothers says:

      I totally agree. I would love to see more furniture and clothes….that is why the first season has been my favorite so far. A summer camping season could be fun with a sleeping bag as one of the prizes…have been hoping to see the adventure sleeping bag in the Wish Boutique.

  6. ccutshaw says:

    i would love to see more cool items for decorating rooms!!

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