Vegan Veggie Wrap: Secret Recipe Revealed!


Daisy Doe has responded to an earlier interview with Chef Gazpacho, where he claimed her vegetarian cooking was just a gimmick, by creating her own special vegetarian Secret Recipe!


Have you been collecting the vegetarian food that Daisy Doe has sent floating around Webkinz World? She has now revealed that if you combine all 3 vegetarian foods together on a sandwich maker, you’ll make her newest culinary creation: a Vegan Veggie Wrap!




The 3 ingredients you’ll need to have collected are:


  • Crunchy Kale Chips
  • Tofu Burger
  • Fresh Pasta Salad



Since this is a new Secret Recipe, the first person in Webkinz World to create it will receive a Secret Chef Trophy!


***UPDATE: Congratulations to WYL with Harmony for being the first player to create a Vegan Veggie Wrap! She has received a Secret Chef Trophy for being the quickest cooker in Kinzville!


What do you think of Daisy Doe’s Secret Recipe? What are some of your favorite healthy foods to eat? Let us know in the comments below!


168 Responses to Vegan Veggie Wrap: Secret Recipe Revealed!

  1. atrfla says:

    Dear Webkinz World: I got a Fresh Pasta Salad from Daisy on the map today, and I went to combine these three ingredients to create a Vegan Veggie Wrap. Unfortunately, when I did so, it not only took both of the Crunchy Kale Chips and both of the Tofu Burgers I had in my dock, it gave me Grey Gunk instead! Is there a problem with this recipe?

  2. catdog9 says:

    retied ingerdients grrrrrrrr :(

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