Yummy Tummy Tumbler: Secret Recipe Revealed!

One of the longest unsolved regular Secret Recipe foods is this simple-looking drink, called a “Yummy Tummy Tumbler”. But now we’re going to reveal this Secret Recipe for all to enjoy!


Here is how it is made:

  • Use: Any Blender
  • Ingredients: Farm Fresh Cabbage (grown in your garden), Ginger Ale (W-Shop), and Papaya (W-Shop)

Mix all of these ingredients together and your pet will have a delicious, tummy-settling treat!


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  1. adeel says:

    The combination of farm-fresh cabbage, ginger ale, and papaya creates a unique flavor profile while providing potential benefits for digestion. Pet owners can now easily whip up this special treat using a blender and the specified ingredients. Cheers to happy and satisfied pets! Thanks “Yummy Tummy tumbler

  2. PYRFTHG says:

    you now what one of my pets love 2 straws in her drinks i don’t now WY i’m going to make this right a way

  3. uytrewq14 says:

    it looks gross with gingerale and papaya, and cabbage, but when you mix it together it looks… somewhat apeeling..

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