September Player Appreciation Day is TODAY!


Remember to log in to both Webkinz Classic AND Webkinz Next TODAY— Thursday, September 14th, for Player Appreciation Day!


Using the Webkinz Classic desktop app, visit the Today’s Activities schedule to receive your special prize for September: a Floating School Desk!



On Webkinz Next, look for the prize notification in your Message Center at the top right corner of the screen. Click on it to receive your desk in Webkinz Next.



Please note: this prize CANNOT be sent, traded, or sold on Webkinz Classic.


What are some of YOUR favorite Webkinz desks? Let us know in the comments below!




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11 Responses to September Player Appreciation Day is TODAY!

  1. mkd61_mkd says:

    Nice prize Thank you

  2. otisbulldogmiddleton says:

    Dang! I can’t believe I missed getting this. Is there any way possible for it to be given again— a second chance later this month?

  3. jakmar11 says:

    Today I did 2 of my grandchildren’s accounts and clicked on the floating school desk but did not receive the prize. I also didn’t get the other prizes that were available at the same time either. Has anyone else had this happen to them? Many times when I or they go to today’s activities and click on the prize we receive nothing? Can someone help or fix this?

  4. TropicalGirl says:

    It’s so cute, thank you!

  5. alucard says:

    Thanks…I guess. I like it, but would only get it so I could pass it on to another Webkinz player. I don’t like “gifts” to come with a stipulation, that I can’t send/trade/sell the “gift”. What is the real purpose of having no send/trade/sell items? Because of the no send/trade/sell rule for this “GIFT”, I won’t get it. What’s the point of getting something that you can’t get rid of, or share with someone who really would love to have it? It makes no sense! :-(

    • FoxesRule612 says:

      Typically Estore items aren’t sellable or tradeable unfortunately, and Sophie Stockwell’s original promise a few years ago when she was mayor of Kinzville, was to give out monthly items from the Estore. Typically, Estore items can’t be sold or traded. Many of these items have been around for a long time, likely from even before sellable/tradable items were even an option. It is unfortunate, but if you don’t want the item, at least there’s an option to opt out of it.

      • alucard says:

        @FoxesRule612 – Thank you for your input on this. :-) I understand that I can opt out of getting the gift/prize, but it’s the principle of the “giving” that bothers me. I remember when Sophie started giving eStore items, which was great, as I really enjoyed getting most of them, but it bothered me that if I got the item, I couldn’t do with it as I wished, be it send/trade/sell. I don’t understand why any virtual item “has” to be “retired” or can’t be sent/traded/mailed. This is not the real world. It’s a game. A really fun game to play. Plus, we are all spending REAL money to play it. Retiring items and room themes that newer players can not easily get, is disheartening. I do opt out for some items that I am not interested in, but would love to be able to pass the items on to another player that would love to have it. I enjoy sharing items when I can. I do get and keep the majority of the eStore Appreciation gifts. :-) I don’t mean to make a fuss. I just think we should be allowed to send/trade/sell all items. :-)

  6. RRB says:

    Great prize! Thank you.

  7. megan919 says:

    I think it’s a shame you have items that cannot be removed. I don’t understand why you do that. I do appreciate you spelling it out to us, but still…

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