September’s Featured Pets

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  1. sharktooth0126 says:

    I name the puppy pups

  2. honeyhop says:

    Love the color of the English cream, but we have so many retrievers while there are so many other species of dogs. How about a newfoundland or a pekingese or a great pyrenees or an irish wolfhound or a great dane or an australian cattle dog or a norwegian elkhound or a saluki or an akita?

  3. gingergenie2 says:

    The English cream does look a lot like the other retrievers, but then a lot of their dogs look alike except for the pattern or color. And I REALLY LOVE this color. Divided among multiple accounts, I already have the golden retriever, lil golden retriever, American golden retriever, Signature golden retriever, and butterscotch retriever. So I will probably get this version of the golden retriever also. I actually think it’s cuter than the blonde laborador, which I passed on.

  4. isaaclevi501 says:

    Not sure I love either of these new pets. They are both cute. It’s just the lynx is not a favorite animal of mine in real life. And I already have multiple retrievers.

  5. MockingbirdInc says:

    English Cream Retriever looks like a lot of the other Webksinz – BUT ITS FULFFY MUST HAVE

  6. IndigoZap says:

    I love the snow lynx! Thanks so much, Ganz!

  7. RockRfox says:

    The dog is adorable, but I’m not going to get it because it looks so much like the Blonde Lab that I already have, and I don’t want 2 almost identical pets! That lynx is so beautiful, though! That one I want! I saw the dog at Hallmark today, but I’ll have to go back and check again for the lynx. Maybe it was just stuck behind another plush (I hope!).

  8. tifferbop says:

    Dogs, dogs, dogs. WAY too many dogs all the time.

  9. cat2f says:

    Oh my goodness! That lynx is soooooo cute!!!!! I want one so bad! By the way are they available on Ganz Estore?

  10. Kraft says:

    Uh, sorry but the English cream retriever looks EXACTLY like the blonde labrador.. the only difference is a slightly different shaped head. However, I love the snow lynx!

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