Share Center Contest: Design a WShop Item!

Is there an item you have wanted to see in WShop but haven’t been able to find it? Or maybe there is something you think would fit perfectly with an existing theme.


Now is your chance to submit your very own design to add to one of our existing WShop themes.   Five creative designers will be selected to have their idea turned into actual WShop items – and, each winner will receive one of our most rare Webkinz Pets – the Sparkling Pegasus!


Here’s how it works:   The contest runs from April 21 (after 9am) to April 30, 2017. We will announce  the five winning designs on Mother’s Day, May 14, 2017.   Then, our talented artists go to work – taking the winning designs and turning them into awesome items that will be released throughout the rest of the year.


A few things to remember…   You can enter as many designs as you want!   Your design must be an add-on to an existing WShop theme that is currently available for KinzCash.  No eStore items, please!


Contestants MUST upload their work to the WShop Item 2017 gallery on the GanzWorld Share Center.


Never uploaded to the ShareCenter before? Don’t worry! It’s easy. Just watch this video to see how it’s done!   You can use any kind of art supplies that you want. Feel free to use markers, pencil crayons, crayons, or other art materials. Go for it!


While we will not accept images that have computer generated patterns or graphics copied and added to them, participants may use programs like Paint or Photoshop to color and draw freehand.


We can’t accept submissions with company logos or sports team emblems.   Please make sure you save your images as a jpg, gif, or png.


Click here for full contest rules.


Bring on your ideas! We can’t wait to see what cool items will soon be added to the WShop.  

109 Responses to Share Center Contest: Design a WShop Item!

  1. rosa50 says:

    hi, sally at what hour they announce the five winners?

  2. Spiderhulkman says:

    I forgot to enter mine yesterday. :/ I was hoping for a carpet/tile that looked like the hopscotch from recess.

  3. heatherk79 says:

    Hi, Sally. It looks like my first entry wasn’t approved (the ones I entered after are in the Share Center.) My entry was for Seashell Stepping Stones. I drew the first seashell using Gimp and then copied it one over and over in Paint (couldn’t figure out how to do it in Gimp) so they would all look the same. Is that not allowed? Are we not allowed to copy our own image? That’s the only reason I can think of why it might not have been approved. Thanks!

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      You should have received an email that would have explained why it wasn’t accepted. Most of the time it’s because the image didn’t submit properly.

  4. huggablehoneys4ever says:

    I wish we had had more time on this one! I had so many ideas, I was just too busy with schoolwork. How about a design an estore item contest for estore room themes? Or design a non-themed wshop item? I have lots of ideas for those too. And in the future I hope we get more notice because it was a busy week for me and we didn’t any advance notice of the contest

  5. AATWebkinz says:

    I think that since you guys don’t work on the weekends, the deadline should have been the 28th. What’s the point of telling us the deadline is the 30th if you won’t see any of the entries submitted on that day and the day before it?

  6. Firecat101 says:

    When I click on the browse icon to get to my image, it won’t work. Any idea why?

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