Signature Border Terrier

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  1. Clairebear0722 says:


  2. speedymice5 says:

    I LOVE this pet. I think I’ll name mine, if I get one, Benji. After the dog in the movies?

  3. Melanie4Pet says:

    ITS SOOOO CUTE!!!! i want it so bad!

  4. mls2003 says:

    I got to get because I love Border Terriers

  5. nonopuppy123 says:

    SOOOOOOO cute ;) :)

  6. nonopuppy123 says:

    I have 96 Webkinz on WW it gets kinda hard taking care of that many though soooooo much food ;( ! This one may be on my account someday ;)

  7. nonopuppy123 says:

    This dog is so cute ! :) I might get this for Christmas !

  8. Sassematics says:

    Continental barkfast, so silly. I’ll use that one sometime.

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