Signature Yellow Labrador Retriever

72 Responses to Signature Yellow Labrador Retriever

  1. webkinzlover404 says:

    i have the regular yellow lab witch is retired

  2. puppypal904 says:

    I saw this at the store yesterday when I went to get a ragdoll cat.

  3. verschelden4 says:

    Hey that dog is so cute! I wish I had it!

  4. eilla2001 says:

    i wish i had him for a pet! adorable right?!

  5. vanyandmom says:

    nice bed. the plush also looks very soft. :)

  6. lilac098765432123456 says:

    i LOVE puppies! I can’t what to find and buy one:)))))))))))))))))))

  7. grenchen67 says:

    i want it

  8. CupCup10026 says:

    omg! so adorable, I can’t wait till I receive mine in the mail :DDD

  9. webkinz user says:

    i want it!!!!!

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