Sneak Peek: 4 New Halloween Challenges!


The Lil Owls are coming back to Kinzville Park in October to plan and throw a big Halloween Party on October 30! And we all need to do our part! To help out, you can complete a series of four Halloween challenges that start on October 1! The first challenge runs from October 1 to 7. The second challenge can be completed between October 8 and 15. The third one runs from October 16 to 23 and the final challenge is from October 24 to 30!


If you complete all the challenges you’ll end up with some sweet treats, a terrifyingly terrific dining set – four Creepy Cursed Chairs and a Haunted House Table, plus a cute Wise Owl Candy Bag that your pet can wear when they go trick or treating!

40 Responses to Sneak Peek: 4 New Halloween Challenges!

  1. nitelite says:

    are those chairs and table from a past Halloween?

  2. ringneck1 says:

    That table looks like a wedding table. I can imagine a ghost flying out of it though lol

  3. lucinda5050kinz says:

    CAN’T WAIT!!!!! I’m gonna tell my BFF and see if she will make an account, then we can play together.

  4. kaye10 says:

    as to the the above back & forth, yes, it is my experience that when all challenges completed, one gets a “clean” look w/ no arrows that i can recall…. good luck, k.

  5. alucard says:

    Oh, my!!! I can’t wait to start this challenge! I LOVE the Creepy Cursed Chairs and a Haunted House Table! The Wise Owl Candy Bag is cute, too…but, I don’t really care for the “bag/purses/belts” that the Pets wear. They are always cute, but just not my fave clothing items. BUT…..I do LOVE the table and chairs here! Can’t wait to get those, even if it means I have to play in the Tournament Arena! Ugh! :-(

  6. kaye10 says:

    awwww i think the bag is new (tho the rest is not!!) but crazy me will do whatever for one new item ;) best, k.

  7. megamom12 says:

    Oh, my gosh! I’m so excited that it’s this dining set!!!!!!! I love the Gnarled Pumpkin set but have several of those and really wanted another one of these! I’m so happy!!!!!

  8. machaela says:

    Once you complete the challenge the icon and arrow go away.

  9. Jessmine2 says:

    I have completed all challenges to date. I don’t have an arrow in the upper left screen to show them. Good luck with getting your issue resolved.

  10. ojibwa says:

    Still have no challenge icons! :(

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      Well, it’s not Oct 1 yet :D

      • mochidochi says:

        She means that all challenge icons are missing from her account. Have been for weeks. Hope they show up by the first!

        • Sally Webkinz says:

          What challenges are you expecting to have? If you’ve completed all of them, there won’t be any

          • Sally Webkinz says:

            Have you contacted Are you using a browser or the Desktop App? Does it happen on all accounts (assuming you have another one you can check)?

          • emster7 says:

            Yes, we contacted CS a couple weeks ago. It happens on two of our four accounts, and does it no matter which browser we use. App as well. But at least tow of us can do challenges. We play as a family.

          • Sally Webkinz says:

            That’s definitely odd. Hope CS gets back to you soon

          • TRINSTER says:

            So if you have completed the challenges, even the arrow to show them goes away?

          • Sally Webkinz says:

            Honestly not sure, since I don’t have any accounts that finished all of them.

          • Blue57Star says:

            My account has all the challenges completed and the arrow to show them isn’t there. It normally reappears whenever a new challenge comes out.

          • bonesbongo says:

            Hi @ ojibwa, mochidochi emster7, TRINSTER Sorry to hear of the problems with missing challenge icons. I have been playing for 12 years and have never seen this happen. Pardon me several of my accounts don’t have challenge icons only because I completed them all until the next monthly deluxe challenge or if a special challenge is running will I see them. I can answer your question if you have completed the challenges YES the arrow to show challenges does go away. Now I know that you are aware of the orange icon with the blue arrow to HIDE CHALLENGES, I thought that maybe you had clicked on that accidentally and that was why you weren’t seeing the Challenge Icons. Hopefully webkinz support can figure out the problem for you soon so that you will not miss out on the challenges for October.

          • mabel3 says:

            I can also confirm that once a player has completed all the challenges, the arrow disappears and only reappears when a new challenge is available.

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