Sneak Peek: April Peek-A-Newz Prizes

The Ostrich pet will be “peeking” around Webkinz Newz this April, and they’ve got a bunch of prizes you might win! From April 1 until April 30, head over to the “Events” page and start the Peek-A-Newz activity. Find the Ostrich 5 times around Webkinz Newz and you will win a 2020 WKN April Gift Box. Open it to receive a random prize from the April Prize Pool.



Carrot Fridge

Carrot Spring Chair

Diamond Belt (NEW)

Diamond Mosaic Tile

Duck Billed Hat

Friends of the Earth Trophy

Go Green Hat

Scramble T-Shirt

Scrambled Egg Chair

Soft Gray Couch (NEW)

Sounds of Spring Stereo

Springtime Cardigan

Springtime Laced Heels

Springtime Leather Skirt

Taurus Symbol Wall Decoration

Webkinz Day Party Hat

22 Responses to Sneak Peek: April Peek-A-Newz Prizes

  1. jsforfr says:

    Has anyone else noticed if they haven’t been being awarded their peek-a-newz boxes the last few days? I have been completing it but my number of boxes in my dock has not changed on my accounts.

  2. maidoforleans says:

    I would love the stereo. It would fit in my Bloomin room.

  3. Springshimmer says:

    Aww, that Gray Couch looks really nice! Hopefully, I can get it! ^-^

  4. babytwinkleavfk says:

    I love these prizes! I can’t wait to see what i can collect from it :)

  5. ngeorgianow says:

    Love this pet!

  6. mamasbaby07 says:

    Love the prizes Peek a news is great love playing this , its something to look forward to each day especially now in these times.. May God Bless ((((HUGS))))

  7. lemony says:

    Love the couch! Hopefully I can win a couple :)

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