Sneak Peek: August Deluxe Day!


Another Deluxe Day is coming on Sunday, August 13th! Once again, Deluxe Members will be able to log in and visit the Today’s Activities to receive a special prize: a Wacky Wind Chime! Also on Today’s Activity schedule, there will be an entire day of fun and activities for Deluxe Members to enjoy!



If you’d like to join in on the fun and prizes, have a parent visit the Ganz eStore to upgrade your account!


24 Responses to Sneak Peek: August Deluxe Day!

  1. THESHIRE says:

    Off subject but I think I remember one of you guys or gals helped someone find a lost item in their house. My house is huge too and I have looked and I guess overlooked and I can’t find my safari hat, if you can help that would be great, but please don’t tell me to ask c.s. they have never responded to any of my request.

  2. Catqueen2014 says:

    Aww. I really don’t like wacky so this is disappointment.

  3. 4CheeseTortellini says:

    The Wacky Wind Chime is really cute! Thanks for the Sneak Peek :o)

  4. KAGI1 says:

    Over week Wish factory is not working! Tried to place this everywhere, asked Fiona, but it’s still not working

  5. kin2832 says:

    This is awesome!!!:) So cool!!!:) Thank Ganz!

  6. 7debbie7 says:

    so cute…thanks Ganz!

  7. Spiderhulkman says:

    Awesome. Now, to not forget to log in and get it…..

  8. BH1464 says:

    Really great prize! Thanks so much. Great job designers.

  9. TopHatCat999 says:

    I think I have one of those but I’m not deluxe…

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