Sneak Peek: August Deluxe Day!


Another Deluxe Day is arriving on Sunday, August 22nd!


Once again, Deluxe Members will be able to log in and visit Today’s Activities (Webkinz Classic desktop app only) to receive a special prize: a Wacky Wading Pool!





If you’d like to join in on the fun and prizes, have a parent visit the Ganz eStore to upgrade your account!


17 Responses to Sneak Peek: August Deluxe Day!

  1. emilyh9 says:

    Webkinz please help… every August my Deluxe expires and I renew it. Once I renew, I get the deluxe gift box, but the August deluxe challenge never shows up for me (every year) and I miss out on collecting that item. How can I get this fixed???

  2. GoGanz24 says:

    What was so wrong about the question I asked yesterday that it didn’t get posted?

  3. bonesbongo says:

    LOVE IT! I’m looking forward to getting this great prize, already have the perfect spot for it.

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