Berry Fest 2018



Celebrate summer in Webkinz World! Berry Fest beings on June 19th and runs until June 28th. Click on a button below to learn more about this event:








24 Responses to Berry Fest 2018

  1. GramaII says:

    Thank you for Berryfest, have had fun collecting all the berries, playing twice on Jumbleberry Fields and filling up my baskets. Was able to get the bed this morning so that was great. Thank you once again, had fun and sorry to see it end.

  2. KarenaJ says:

    No berries so far today. The only downside of Berry Fest is that if you don’t have time to be on all day, you miss out on the floating berries. I was on for almost 2 hours and nothing. Not one berry. :(

  3. Warden says:

    I already won the PolarBerry Car, and the GooGoo Berry Backpack! Yay! The only downside is that when I click on my “Free Berry Gift” in daily activities, I am not being given the berry. =( And once I found a floating GooGoo Berry here, and I got mail saying “Webkinz news” sent me one, but again, there was NO berry in my “new” tab. What is happening? I am a deluxe member.

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      They don’t always show up in the NEW tab, but if you count your berries before collecting from Today’s Activities, you should see one of them increase.

      • Warden says:

        Thank you, Sally! As I didn’t see this until after I clicked the “gift berry”, and didn’t receive it, (sorry, NOTICE it) I will make sure I count my berries before I click! Thank you so much!

  4. Mreeha says:

    BERRIES! YUM YUM!!!! Can’t wait!!

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