Sneak Peek: Check out the Next River Otter’s PSI!


The River Otter’s Pet Specific Item (PSI) is a cool slide that will look awesome in your pet’s yard! The Lakeside River Slide is a beautiful rocky pool that fit beautifully into any outdoor environment and it’s not just for otters! All of your pets are going to love riding the waves in the River Otter’s wild interactive item!



The River Otter comes soon to Next! Tell us what you would name YOUR pet otter!




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4 Responses to Sneak Peek: Check out the Next River Otter’s PSI!

  1. cr2w says:

    If I get an otter, will name it after an otter in the Redwall series. Leaning toward Skipper.

  2. maryannwood58 says:

    I love the otter and will name the river otter, “Splash”

  3. booreeves says:

    If I get one and the 2 names are Tom and Finn, The ones from The Aquarium in St. Louis

  4. JadeSweetSummer3 says:

    Awwwe that’s so cute I am totally getting this pet and naming it Hunter

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