Sneak Peek! Coming soon: Buy a Farm in Webkinz Next!


We’ve designed a new property style for Webkinz Next and it’s a perfect place to keep your crops!


With a bright blue skies and golden corn stalks, the farm property is a beautiful retreat for you and your pets. Grow acres of crops, store them in an on-site storage facility and build a home for your pets who love to farm.


Coming soon to Webkinz Next!


If you could plant any crop in Webkinz Next, what would it be?


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41 Responses to Sneak Peek! Coming soon: Buy a Farm in Webkinz Next!

  1. sherryeberhard says:

    I want to grow tomatoes in the plot and not in pots. Looking forward to getting the farm property.

  2. slmarkey02 says:

    I just bought the farm property, and I can’t store my crops in the barn! I tried everything and nothing will go into it. Is this a bug? What can go into the barn?

  3. slk says:

    So how many diamonds is this going to cost?

  4. kaye10 says:

    hi. i would like to see more planting options so thanks for asking. wow, thinking from what my grandpa would have also planted: radishes, green onions (they have small bulbs and long green tops), cauliflower, green beans, peas, “bird-egg” beans, lima beans. just a few ideas. i would love to see some herbs also :) best, k.

  5. desertrose2007 says:

    potatoes, sweet potatoes. maybe herbs like parsley, thyme, mint, etc. maybe since next doesn’t have so many pets yet, you could sell a plant (like classic patio dispensers) that grow the pet specific item and dispenses one per day. you could sell the dispenser along with the release of each pet. folks love their seeds and dispensers

  6. KSC says:

    This is so neat! I love it! I would like to grow hot peppers and berries.

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