Sneak Peek: Days of Play! September 11-19



From September 11 – 19, enjoy three free bonus plays in the Magical Forest every day! Your free plays will be automatically added to your account as soon as you log in to Webkinz Classic.


Here’s a look at the schedule:



Which Magical Forest collections have you completed? Let us know in the comment section below…


32 Responses to Sneak Peek: Days of Play! September 11-19

  1. alucard says:

    The only game in the Magic Forest I consistently play is Pixie Pod. It takes FOREVER to get prizes in the other games. I will only play Alyssa’s Star Challenge when I’m asked for the fill-the-heart thing. I love getting the Space Suit items, but it takes FOREVER to get enough pieces for one whole outfit. Magic Mire is a nightmare to get into. Don’t care for Zums. Love all the Fairy clothing items, but again, it takes forever to win one. Don’t care for the pet figures either. The Magic Forest could, and should, be a fun place to play games and win…more often than it is now…new Fairy items like clothes and furniture. Pixie Pod is still working well for me, but I know other players are having issues with it. Webkinz/Ganz, please spend some time to refurbish the Magical Forest! If you want us to play there, you need to make it worth our while. It’s glitchy, boring, and the prizes are way too hard to get. Please up date and make it better for your loyal Classic Players! :-)

    • KarenaJ says:

      Yeah, well said on all of this and I second every word. As a returning player, I still don’t get why some items don’t work now. Like POTM and exclusives! Why not fix or retire and replace the broken? And even some eStore items that you actually pay real money for do not work! I have won Alyssa’s throne but now I have over 10 of some stars and none of others so I am hopelessly stalled on exchanging with Nafaria (that’s even with the allowance that she sometimes steals them, which is hilarious lol). It took me over 3 years to finally win the Zum grand prize but collecting currency for the catalogue items is so slow moving, I’ve lost interest. I stopped playing Magic Mire, Fairy Falls and Woodland Wonders a while back, because of constantly getting sap globs and literally nothing out of it worth the time and effort. I’ll never for the life of me not understand why they don’t fix it.

      • threehounds says:

        KarenaJ Yeah looks like GANZ is almost not remembering the game they started over 16 years till on how to stop glitches like Alyssa’s Challenge and other things from happening. I’m trying to remember if the sap glop ever existed in Fairy Falls and Woodland Wonders. Speaking of glitches, did you know that in the Kinzville Park if you see a piece of trash on the ground, don’t pick it up, go to another park with no people and remember where you saw it and it will keep going, kind of boring after a while.

    • emster7 says:

      I hardly ever play Pixie Pod because it takes too long. I have HUNDREDS of Pixie Pods and it’s kind of a waste of time because each release takes forever and I’ve never figured out how to get it in the cart — seems to be random chance.

    • TRINSTER says:

      I guess if you’re a new player it’s fun, but I’ve been playing for over 14 years and once you’ve won the grand prize that’s pretty much it. I wish they’d let you start over like Nafaria does. The only game I even play any more is the star one, just so I can trade with Nafaria. The star throne isn’t great enough for me to want more than one.

      • megamom12 says:

        I think that I have 2 of the Thrones and I’m like you, I save my stars to trade with Nafaria. Right now I’m DESPERATLY trying to get one more of the W stars so that I can get the next prize from her, but it continues to elude me!

    • megamom12 says:

      I actually got the last ZUM that I needed for my collection on Tuesday!!!!! SO EXCITED about that! What Space Suit pieces and Fairy clothes do you need? Also if you need Pirate costume pieces from Vacation Island, let me know.

  2. Alphaowlbear says:

    I appreciate the extra plays, but it doesn’t change the fact that the entire Magic Forest needs updating and improving. The prizes have never changed – at least let us earn the tiaras and bonus boxes over again. Trying to enter the Magic Mire usually results in a message that states the script is running slow and forces me to completely log out – it’s been going on for years and it’s become tedious. There is a HUGE discrepancy in the number of stars that my energy orb displays and the number of stars Nafaria says I have when she tries to trade with me. For example – my orb displays that I have 15 Illustrolite Stars and Nafaria says I have over 50 of them! I finally collected all my figures in Woodland Wonders – after YEARS of daily plays – and won . . . nothing. :-( I realize that fixing these issues will cost Ganz money instead of generating income for the business, however, I just think an update is sorely overdue.

  3. Monkeyringprince says:


  4. Eilish says:

    I should get back into playing these games. I have a backlog in all of them. Turns have accumulated over the years. Example, I have 4,155 Pixie Pod Pachinco remaining. My problem has been the “Please Wait”… between each turn and having to log out after playing Magic Mire. I just lost interest.

  5. Katz1259 says:

    I love Pixie Pod Pachinko!!! I save up my pixie pods and then go nuts and win a ton of KinzCash!!! So much fun! Right now I have over 300 pixie pods so it’s time to play! I haven’t found a star in Alyssa’s Star Challenge in months and months and months….. and Nafaria is so rude! It’s not my fault … I play every day to get more stars and get NOTHING!!! ugh!!!

    • Beckinz8 says:

      Thank you for sharing @Katz1259! I thought it was just me, so I stopped playing Alyssa’s Star Challenge everyday because “swish, swish, nothing” was getting pretty discouraging. If anyone knows any tips for actually having a better chance to actually find a star please share here. I too collect my pixie pods and then just go nuts, but I don’t have a healthy cut off limit of 300 like you do. I have way too many to use all at once, so every once in a while I will go over to the Pachinko game and make a dent using about 200 or so, but I can’t ever imagine getting down to zero (kind of like my email inbox. LOL!)

      • pipperroo2 says:

        I like pixie pod, too. but I think it would be even more fun if you you release more than one pod at a time.

        • Beckinz8 says:

          1046. I wish that I could send some your way @pipperroo2. Or do you mean shooting out a bunch of seeds at one time and seeing how many land in the KC zone? That would be wild!

        • Katz1259 says:

          What a laugh riot it would be to release more than one pixie pod at a time and see how many you could actually score with!!!!!! Sure would take some training to actually be skilled at it, but dang it would be fun for sure!

  6. emster7 says:

    I like hunting for stars.

  7. gingerdare says:

    Quick Question: Does anyone know where I can find the wallpaper that goes with the basketball hardcourt flooring???

    • threehounds says:

      gingerdare The basketball wallpaper is in the place as the flooring, the Curio Shop.

    • KarenaJ says:

      It’s at the Curio Shop, it’s orange and has hoop nets and basketballs. It’s an Arte’s Favorites item so you’ll have to be on the lookout for it.

    • Mila14 says:

      The wallpaper is called Basketball Dreams Wallpaper and you can also get it by digging in Adventure Park. I have lots and lots of this one. If you would like me to send one to you, let me know your username and I would be happy to. My username is the same.

      • gingerdare says:

        Thank you to everyone who answered me! I found it at the Curio Shop. And @Mila14, my username is gingerdare and I’d be happy to be friends! I’m on most days.

  8. mojo18x2 says:

    not a big fan of these games too much cash and noting new to buy

    • ojibwa says:

      Yeah, I don’t do them any more except for the stars so I can trade with Nafaria. Once you get the grand prize there isn’t much else except to win food and KC, and I have plenty of both of them!

      • ringneck1 says:

        I wish they’d do something about Nafaria. She doesn’t always pop up often enough, and it’s been literal months since I’ve had the stars she keeps asking for. The prize on the tier I’m at isn’t even good and she wants top tier stars.

        • Beckinz8 says:

          Yes @ringneck1, I’ve noticed that too. Have you ever completed Nafaria’s collection of prizes? She tends to steal from me 2-3x per collection. Once you do the collection once it is so much easier to refuse her and have her go away angry when she asks for the rarest stars in your collection. I only agree to a trade when I have more than one of the stars that she asks for, unless it is the highest prizes. I have a super hard time finding stars (at least 5 certain rare ones) so I am not willing to give them up very easily. I would love to be friends in WW. Is your WW username the same as it is here on WKN? Hope you are having a great day!

          • emster7 says:

            I’ve completed Nafaria’s collection a couple of times. She only steals from me once per set though. Wonder why she steals from you more?

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