Sneak Peek: Discover Pirate’s Bounty in the Mines!


Coming soon to Webkinz Next: watch the mines for a cool new game! Pirate’s Bounty is a puzzle game you’ll find in the Next mines near the waterfall. When you spot the treasure chest, open it up, then adjust the pieces to make a path for the laser from one lock to another! Solve the puzzle to earn cool pirate-themed prizes!



Download Webkinz Next now — available for Mac, iOS, Android and Windows 10.

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35 Responses to Sneak Peek: Discover Pirate’s Bounty in the Mines!

  1. led12213 says:

    this is hard, would be nice to make a video some of the tiles or cannon balls unsure how to make a path or if there is a way to move them. unsure if a way to go through them or rotate to complete the beam. it only appears 3 times a week

  2. Monstermaster13 says:

    Where is it?

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