UPDATE: Winter Buddy Giveaway!


You did it! Here is your code for a free Winter Buddy: W24X-W4M9-QZ7M-WPDA. Enter this code in the Code Shop in Webkinz Classic to have a random Winter Buddy added to your Dock. Code expires at midnight EST March 31, 2023.




Meet your new buddy! Comment below and tell us which Winter Pet Buddy YOU’D like to win! If this post gets over 200 comments between today and noon EST on December 29, 2022, we will post a community code that randomly awards one of these adorable virtual Webkinz Classic Winter Pet Buddies! Good luck!





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367 Responses to UPDATE: Winter Buddy Giveaway!

  1. 2diamonds12 says:

    So far I have two adorable snowball buddies, I really hope this code awards me the hot chocolate cup cutie.

  2. Dudeman11 says:

    Thank you! I got the snowball and mitten! No hot cocoa which was disappointing but maybe we will get another chance in future!

  3. kelly989 says:

    I entered the 6 codes on two of my accounts. I received the snowball for all 12 codes. Yes the snowball is cute, but I’d really like the others as well. Please make them equal chance of winning or tradeable.

  4. mybbear says:

    I’m having trouble getting the winter buddy code from you tube. Does anyone have any helpful advice for me?

  5. Pinkl97 says:

    I got the Mitten. Thank you, Ganz, for the free code.

  6. The_Green_Ninja says:

    ugh I got another snowball buddy. now I have two XD

  7. Hari30 says:

    I got 3 snowballs ana 1 mitten, kinda sad I didn’t get the hot cocoa buddy :( I hate the randomized codes, I wish it was a guarantee that we would get all 3 :(

    • schuckersd says:

      i got 3 snowballs too and 1 mitten

    • jsforfr says:

      I hate the random codes too. I would rather have less total and get 1 of each, than 6 of the same snow ball. They seem to set the odds really low at getting anything other than the common one. Especially if you get that first, once you get the snowball it’s just all that same one. I tried on 4 different accounts, so 24 chances and only got 1 of the mug, 3 mittens and 20 snowballs between them. Of course my main deluxe account got snowballs, so I can’t even enjoy the other ones because I don’t do much on those other accounts.

      • mybbear says:

        I have 6 snowy retrievers in the same room with three bunk beds. I was so happy to get all snowballs because now it’s like having a snowball fight in their room!

  8. Queencows says:

    Does anyone know how to find the codes on the other social media sites?

    • schuckersd says:

      i just click on the blue twitter bird up above and it took me right to the page and i just look throught til i found the snow buddies and the code. hope this helps.

    • mybbear says:

      So far I’ve seen codes for winter buddys in 6 places. Webkinz News, my Kinzpost, webkinz mini, facebook, twitter and instagram. Crazy part is it says I claimed all 6 codes but I only have 5 winter buddys in my webkinz classic account. I wish I could figure out this mystery.

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