Sneak Peek: Free Gift for Violet Lion owners!


Violet Lion owners will be bloomin’ happy this month to find out that they get a free Violet ?? Box on May 8 and 9! If you have one of these pretty pets, or will be adding one to your family before May 8, be sure to visit Today’s Activities on May 8 and 9 to collect your free gifts!



6 Responses to Sneak Peek: Free Gift for Violet Lion owners!

  1. KSC says:

    Love this color!

  2. mochidochi says:

    Oh my gosh these are all so awesome I wouldn’t know which one to hope for!

    • Chrystal77 says:

      So far I have received 2 ponds, 1 Wacky, 2 of The benches, 1 fence and 3 topiaries. I was hoping for the Wacky and it was The second box I opened….I couldn’t believe it.

  3. Beckinz8 says:

    Oh my goodness! That pond is sooooooo pretty!! The fence and flower box are cute, and as usual, Wacky completely cracks me up. The usual lion topiary is sprouting purple flowers (or it has a skin condition – no judgement.) I would love to dash over to the eStore and snap up that pond! I would love to look out the back window and see it in our back yard! Great work design team!

  4. frozenanna2 says:

    Wow! Those items are amazing! That Lion is darling!

  5. Ruby09 says:

    Wow that’s really an amazing gift but I don’t like the pet too much :/

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