SNEAK PEEK: Hungry Hog Arcade Challenge!


Hey there arcade enthusiasts! There’s a NEW Hungry Hog Arcade Challenge arriving in Webkinz World on Monday, January 20th, and players who complete the Challenge by Sunday, January 26th, will win some cool prizes!


But don’t leave this challenge until the last minute… some tasks will take some time to complete.





Here’s how to play: Starting on Monday, January 20th, look for the Hungry Hog Arcade Challenge icon in your pet’s room. It will be displayed along the left side of the room:





Click on the icon to review your tasks. There are 3 tasks you’ll need to complete by midnight January 26th (EST) to earn all of the prizes:


  1. Earn 250 KinzCash playing Hungry Hog in the Arcade
  2. Make 20 wishes playing Wishing Well 2 in the Arcade
  3. Feed your pet 10 Burgers from the WShop


Help Pinky the pig eat all the junk food on the screen to pass a level. Eating junk food slows them down, but eating veggies restores their speed. Watch out for the bees! If one stings Pinky, you lose a try. Collecting a Bee Helmet gives Pinky the ability to knock out the bees.





Complete all of the tasks before time runs out and you’ll collect some delicious treats, like a Busy City Soda and a Busy City Ice Cream Cone, both of which can be stored away until snack time inside the NEW Hungry Hog Fridge!




What is YOUR favorite Webkinz arcade game? Let us know in the comments below!


36 Responses to SNEAK PEEK: Hungry Hog Arcade Challenge!

  1. nanamama12 says:

    I can almost hear the fun music for the game in my head! This is going to be fun! Next challenge….my favorite game in the arcade! Tile Towers!!!

  2. Beckinz8 says:

    I am terrible with arrow key games as a few other players have also mentioned, but I really want that fridge, so I am going to try. My favorite games currently are Tile Towers, Eager Beaver Adventure Park, Operation Gumball (sorry TaffyKitty12 and nanamama12!) and Goober’s Atomic Adventure. I used to love Atlantiles, but that was before the timer. I tend to choke under pressure so I need the extra time to strategize. Is there any way to play the older version of the game anywhere? I don’t go back there anymore since I can barely get past the first level now.

  3. bowlingfan95 says:

    Wacky Zingoz

  4. pinkJess says:

    Our favorite Webkinz arcade game is ColorStorm. Our second favorite game in the Webkinz arcade is Hungry Hog.

  5. Graceagirl says:

    You know what? I forgot to say my favorite game. I love Whimsy skies, but I’m not a deluxe member. So I guess it’d have to be Webkinz Rally. my favorite webkinz is now level five at the kinsville academy, so webkinz rally is easier.

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