Sneak Peek: Kinzville Tea Party!



If you didn’t manage to win a rare tea set the last time we held this event, you’ll have another chance soon! A new Kinzville Tea Party event starts Monday, April 8, and will run until midnight, Sunday, April 14 (EST), on Webkinz Classic!


During this event, you’ll be able to collect floating Kinzville Teacups that you can feed to your pet to earn a prize.


The number of teacups you can collect each day is based on your membership level. Here’s a look at the daily limits:



Each time you feed your pet a teacup, you’ll be awarded a common, uncommon or rare Kinzville Tea Party prize! You can use the prizes to set up a tea party with your favorite plushies you have collected playing Webkinz Classic over the years.


Don’t own any virtual plushies? Check the Fun Stuff > Toys section of the WShop. You’ll find some available for KinzCash that you can display on the three different Kinzville Tea Party chairs you can collect during this event.


Here’s a look at each common, uncommon and rare Kinzville Tea Party prize:



The Kinzville Tea Party prizes have been designed to match the Friendly Froggy, Regency and Toadstool room themes from the WShop. So, play every day to collect as many prizes as you can!



If you want the chance to find teacups while you are playing at the Webkinz Classic Games Arcade (desktop app), choose a game, then open and close the WShop when it starts, and you’ll start seeing them as you play!


Did you manage to collect all three rare tea sets the last time we held this event? Let us know in the comment section below…


12 Responses to Sneak Peek: Kinzville Tea Party!

  1. trenners says:

    i just made the regency room and all i need is the tea set im sooo excited to get it

  2. bashiscool143 says:

    hi love the tea party again! I need the toadstool themed stuff

  3. padmefan says:

    these are so cute! Can your pets sit in the chairs as well, or can you only put plushes on them?

  4. grandmaback says:

    thank you so much for running this event again! (-: I have six accounts and still need a couple of Regency tea sets and Toadstool tea sets plus chairs. I would like to create Friendly Froggy bed and breakfasts on all my accounts with mixed styles. Hoping for a big collection!!!

  5. mumudraw says:

    Yayyy tea party!

  6. iamawebkinzmom3 says:

    I liked this event. I hope I can collect them all this time. Thanks for bringing this one back!

  7. leaveitnow41s says:

    Fingers crossed! Maybe I’ll collect some of the ones I missed last time.

  8. 2008flashash says:

    Has anyone happened to have sparked a RARE PLUSH pet recently? I watch the new babies a lot (they are so cute how could you not), and normally see at least a couple a day and I haven’t seen any in days. Am I just missing them or did they get turned off? Maybe they are just tired and are taking a break, hehe just curious, p.s. We really need a page to post issues because this doesn’t belong here, but there is nowhere else to discuss such things.

  9. 7debbie7 says:

    There’s Nothing Quite Like A WW Tea Party! Thanks Ganz…I Just Love A Great Tea Party!

  10. firebert says:

    I hope that I can get more of the Toadstool items.

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