Sneak Peek Kiwi Bird Medallion Event

Are you ready to collect Kiwi Bird Pet Medallions? We’re celebrating our 15th anniversary all April long with this adorable flightless bird. Log in every day from April 1 – 30 to look for floating Kiwi Bird Pet Medallions.


You can collect up to 4 each day — 5, if you’re Deluxe!  Be sure to also log in on Webkinz Day (April 29) to get your Webkinz Day gift — it will include 25 Kiwi Bird Pet Medallions! Collect and redeem 100 Kiwi Bird Pet Medallions to adopt your very own fan-designed Kiwi Bird virtual pet!







This delightful little bird comes with a Great Eggscape Hot Air Balloon and Earth Oven Crayfish.


Remember: adopting a Medallion pet does not extend your membership.


43 Responses to Sneak Peek Kiwi Bird Medallion Event

  1. kaye10 says:

    I love my kiwi bird & will use all the new medallions to trade for another pet, but I wonder if as a special “token” of 15th anniversary if we could get one special medallion of the kiwi which shows up in our dock!! (I have quite an amazing dock collection & would love to add this most precious item!). best, k.

  2. missims100 says:

    With everything going on with Covid-19 maybe Webkinz should actually triple the kiwi bird medallions on Webkinz day because it would make everyone happy but like that well ever happen at least they gave a Deluxe preview to everyone who isn’t a Deluxe member which was super nice it would have been better if they allowed non Deluxe members send gifts to each other on the preview

    • Chiny says:

      @missims100, remember that if you login on Webkinz Day you’ll receive a Webkinz Day gift with 25 Kiwi Bird Pet Medallions. I hope that helps and makes you happy. I’m hoping I can get enough medallions for my very own Kiwi Bird. I don’t know what I will call them, though. Looking forward to Webkinz Day!

  3. Nickelcat says:

    I named one of my kiwi birds Qumquat, and the other Gisborne (a city in New Zealand).

  4. greencar says:

    How about a super medallion that can be used for the pet of your choice event? There are several I am working for but may take forever to finally get. I get so excited when I get a medallion for the pet I want!!! Just a great idea from a webkinz fan!

  5. farmcount says:

    So does this mean that we are only able to get Kiwi Bird pet medallions over this period of time from the arcade as well? Cause I can’t wait to adopt one and get all 100 medallions.

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      No, the Kiwi Medallions are not part of any other prize pools. They can only be obtained through the special floaty clicky and in the gift box

      • KorrasCuties says:

        Hey Sally! Let’s see if I got this straight. We can get up to 5 Kiwi bird medallions a day, IN ADDITION to the arcade medallions limit (which are random pet medallions)?

  6. alucard says:

    I have a kiwi on two accounts. One is named Frodo and the other Bilbo. Hope I can get another kiwi so I can continue my Lord of The Rings and Hobbit pets. :-)

  7. sainfoin says:

    I was so excited when the kiwi bird was made into a pet! I was actually planning on suggesting that kiwi birds be the next pet when it was chosen hahaha. I named mine Aotearoa (the Maori name for New Zealand) and my dad named his Maori

  8. pj15gaming says:

    Can’t wait! I have 25 medallions from last year :D

  9. lucybell02 says:

    I got my kiwi bird last year, and absolutely love it! Their name is Cappuccino, or Cappy for short ;)

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