Sneak Peek: Magic W Event!



From May 20 – 31, looks for a Magic W floating across your screen on your Webkinz Classic account, and click on it to earn a pack of seeds! There are sixteen different packs of seeds to collect, including the new yellow bell pepper seeds!


Here’s a look at what you can win:



You will be awarded one random pack of seeds each time you manage to click on a floating Magic W (limited to 1 a day for free players, 2 for full and 3 for Deluxe members).


Drag a pack of seeds into your pet’s room to plant them. Once it’s ready, you can click on your plant to harvest it!


Do you already own any of these seeds? Let us know in the comment section below…


44 Responses to Sneak Peek: Magic W Event!

  1. xenasunfox123 says:

    We’ve been getting all the apple tree seeds except for the golden apple tree seeds, which is the one we need to make recipes. Does anyone have extra golden apple tree seeds? I have multiple of the others but no golden since the harvest event years ago.

  2. ndtractorboy05 says:

    I have many gardens! Love being a farmer. My pets don’t like the onion, celery, cucumbers or snow peas. Picky pets.

    • frogwoman09 says:

      Have so many packs of seeds that I send them all to my other account. Why are we not able to sell the packets? That would be delightful. I am looking forward to the new one and more blueberries. They are my pets favorite!

      • MandyLee2000 says:

        I would happily take any seeds you don’t want and send you kinzcash in return! I’m MandyLee2000. Send me a friend request if you’d like that and let me know how much you’d like for various seeds :)

      • opal141414 says:

        Hello, I too would happily take your extra seeds. I seem to have missed many of the seed events. I would be ever so excited. With my sincere thanks! opal141414 :)

      • naruto12 says:

        Hello! If you have any more seeds to spare, I will happily take some as well :) Let me know what you might like in exchange! Send me a friend request – Naruto12 Thank you! <3

    • noonesfriend says:

      I also love the gardens. Did you play when we had to rake; hoe; and water our gardens ? When it used to rain and there was a reason for our mackintosh ( raincoats ) and rainboots ? Took longer but i became a player with my children and for the gardening!!! That was all I wanted to do ! Most of my pets dont care for the foods you listed either; but I have some which do. My badger; hedgehog; porcupine; and skunk like or dont mind them. Some quite like the peppers; squash and parsnips. Looking forward to new seeds!! YAY!

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