Sneak Peek: Magic W Floaty Clicky Event!


Look for the floating Magic W on your Webkinz Classic account starting on February 1, and click on it to win a prize! There are ten prizes to collect, including the grand prize: a Fine Chocolatier Shop:



Free players are limited to one prize a day, free two, and Deluxe players can collect up to three prizes a day.


This event ends on Friday, February 9, so play every day for the best chance to win the grand prize!


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37 Responses to Sneak Peek: Magic W Floaty Clicky Event!

  1. angelcakes311 says:

    I already got the grand prize and it’s the second day. Was the first W floaty on the screen and got it

  2. ginnylea says:

    Is there anything new?

  3. cowtown2 says:

    I always love the valentines day items the candy themes from them, you know when you did the chocolate store, with the counters you could put your candies in them, can you maybe make something so we can display things on top, like the counter for the store is it the boutique like the shoe box or bags, on top, thanks. maybe for future ideal. Happy Valentines day to all.

  4. goosestinks says:

    the heart rug would be so cute in my love frog’s room!

  5. kaybear530 says:

    Speaking of floaties… I would like to say that I am not impressed with the Tea Party Floaty Clicky event. I have “clicked” on 18 tea cups and out of these I have been awarded 9 Toadstool Chairs. I am discouraged because at this rate I do not believe I will be able to get the pieces I need to complete the other 2 sets. Does anyone else have this issue?

      • rlla14 says:

        I did the whole event across 3 accounts (“babysitting” them for the kids, who have aged out temporarily). Out of 84 chances, got 26 Froggie Chairs. Nearly 1/3 of the prizes were that single chair. Two accounts got NONE of the Mushroom Tea Set, one never saw a Regency Tea Set. Got two Regency Tea Sets on one account, but in general, got a single of the tea sets I did manage to find–most turning up the final day. That’s not “Rare,” that’s “Impossible.” I’ve noticed this trend with floaties and cookies–the prizes chances seem very unbalanced lately. I’m glad I’m not under 12–this is supposed to be fun, and it stops being fun when you never win the cool stuff. That’s a lot of opportunity to win 9 prizes; you’d think you’d get at a minimum one of each.

  6. 5ginadog says:

    I hope I can get them all, I really want the items more than the food though.

  7. nanamama12 says:

    Man, now I want chocolates!

  8. megamom12 says:

    Talk about yummy prizes!

  9. BH1464 says:

    It would’ve been great if the Grand Prize could’ve been updated with a Valentine’s Day type of decoration instead of leaving the Christmas wreath on the front of the shop.

  10. cr2w says:

    Does anyone else have this issue with the Floaties – They float mostly when it is loading and not able to click on them and by the time finished loading the floaty is gone.

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