Sneak Peek: Marshmallow Collection Event!


Let’s go on a Marshmallow hunt! From July 1-31, collect all 50 Marshmallows to win a glorious grand prize, plus other perfect summertime prizes along the way.


To collect Marshmallows, you can:


  • Click on the Collection Event icon in your room once a day
  • Ask up to 10 friends a day and receive up to 5 a day
  • Click the floating Marshmallow once a day on


What will you win, you ask? Take a look!


Collect 10 Marshmallows - CampKinz Backpack


Collect 20 Marshmallows - CampKinz Counselor Outfit



Collect 30 Marshmallows - CampKinz Library Bookshelf



Collect 40 Marshmallows - Canoe Couch


Collect 50 Marshmallows - CampKinz Lantern Tree


The lights glow when clicked!



Be in Webkinz World beginning July 1 to get started on your Collection!


160 Responses to Sneak Peek: Marshmallow Collection Event!

  1. Doglove says:

    Whoa. Cool!

  2. BunnyCarrothunter1 says:

    The bookshelf seems fun.

  3. tonid4215 says:

    how come on this event Deluxe members are not getting 2 marshmallows like the other events????

  4. anbutxii says:

    At least the prizes are better than any prize I’VE ever got.

  5. agentspygirl says:

    love it

  6. legodude says:

    I will do this one multiple times Love the prizes

  7. vida says:

    this is GREAT!

  8. samantha143298 says:

    hi softballcatcher02 I would love to give you clothes from the summer clothing line my user name is samantha143298

  9. nicolerocks says:

    I don’t love any of these… I think I liked last years prizes better

  10. Ikawolf says:

    Sadly, I have no friends on Webkinz world! I play daily so I’d love to help everybody collect marshmallows and recieve some in return. My user name is Dishfat!

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