Sneak Peek: Meet the Mayor July 22 – 28!

Hi guys!


Once again, you can come visit me at Kinzville Park! I’ll be there between July 22 and 28, when I’ll be handing out gift boxes! Inside the gift box you’ll find one of the random prizes shown below!


Come by and say hi to me once a day to get yours!


See you in the Park!

So fab. So fun.




27 Responses to Sneak Peek: Meet the Mayor July 22 – 28!

  1. kaye10 says:

    what’s better than NEW prizes in WW? well, a healthy child, a good life, peace on earth…but after that…. yay ;) best, k.

  2. M0nkeeGirlz says:

    Hooray, new prizes! Thanks, Sophie!

  3. acantara says:

    New prizes! yeah

  4. bonesbongo says:

    Love the prizes Mayor Sophie thank you. I’m looking forward to visiting you in the park. Sure hope that I am able to get all of the gifts and extra of the Parade Barrier. :}

  5. KarenaJ says:

    Oh wow excited for these prizes!

  6. ImaPepper says:

    Amazing prizes–I’m so excited! Thanks, can’t wait.

  7. Princesstoast1255 says:

    Also retired pets PSIs should be available for estore points too! the cheeky bubblegum cat PSI is amazing but i never had a chance to get it :(

  8. Princesstoast1255 says:

    This sounds silly, but what if you guys made pet specific items available for estore points? Like, each one can be like 7,500 estore points! The reason im thinking of this is certain pets have simple PSIs like a chair or trampoline, have more than one can help match or build a room theme! It slightly sucks having to adopt more than one pet to finish a room :)

    • snuglilbug says:

      I think thats the whole point of making the PSI rare or unique, you have to spend more money buying another pet than purchasing a bundle of e-store points. If it’s a specific item your looking for then maybe you can try the trading room or perhaps the trading forums? Not really sure how all of it works exactly, but you might be able to trade for a retired PSI to finish a room :)

  9. jammershark says:

    I love all these prizes! Thank you!

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