Sneak Peek: MORE Winterfest Prizes!


This Friday, start your Snowflake hunt!


Between January 10-19, look for floating Snowflakes in Webkinz World and click them to win awesome winter prizes! You can catch 5 Snowflakes on weekdays and 8 on weekends!


In addition to the prizes we previewed here, check out close-ups of these cute new ones!




38 Responses to Sneak Peek: MORE Winterfest Prizes!

  1. wintercrush says:

    I hope Ganz extends winterfest cause there is clearly something wrong with the timing of the snowflakes. I’ve been on for hours at a time this entire week and have yet to collect all 5 on any given day… :(

  2. elizabethann09 says:

    I got 2 snowflakes!!!!!!

  3. elizabethann09 says:

    It’s going to be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Selena says:

    huh? I don’t see any snow flakes! :(

  5. shalta321 says:

    i think something is wrong today (Sunday–January 12) with the snowflakes in Webkinz World, I clicked on 3 and never got a prize from them. Nothing was added to my dock! Just so you know…..thanx

  6. mkadvantage says:

    I am not getting any falling snowflakes on my account. I sit in my room and wait for a snowflake to fall but nothing comes. I play a game, still nothing… :( what could be wrong?

    • Selena says:

      you have to go around webkinz world like play games in the arcade or go to the clubhouse. I hope it will work! ~SelenaFluffy~

      • NIANW123 says:

        We do move around by playing games, going to the park and doing other things but all we seem to get is MAYBE 1 snowflake for how long we’re on and we’re not on just for 5 minutes, it’s like an hour or more for one snowflake.

    • NIANW123 says:

      My brother and I having same problems on our accounts with the snowflakes! We wait for hours and maybe we get only one snowflake falling. How can we get any prizes if the snowflakes aren’t falling in our accounts?

  7. petlover24435 says:

    I got roasted chestnuts from the floaty clicky here on webkinz newz and got roasted chestnuts. But it wasn’t featured on the announcements. So are there more prizes than webkinz newz featured?

  8. petlover24435 says:

    If the floaty clicky’s I got on here actually show up in my dock, then i’ll have 6 out of the 10 prizes today! And its my first day collecting! Beginners luck, I guess.

  9. AdviceKeeper says:

    I just LOVE the little hat and shoes! <33 Don't you guys??

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