Sneak Peek: September Peek-A-Newz Prizes

The English Cream Retriever pet will be “peeking” around Webkinz Newz this September, and they’ve got a bunch of prizes you might win! From September 1 until September 30, head over to the “Events” page and start the Peek-A-Newz activity. Find the English Cream Retriever 5 times around Webkinz Newz and you will win a 2020 WKN September Gift Box. Open it to receive a random prize from the September Prize Pool.




Blue Backpack

Drinking Fountain

Green Backpack

Green Notepad and Pencils

Languages Poster

Libra Symbol Wall Decoration

Lunchbox Fridge

Math Poster

Purple Notepad and Orange Pens

Recess Bell

Sapphire Belt (NEW)

Sapphire Mosaic Tile

Science Poster

Social Studies Poster

Soft Gray Dining Table (NEW)

Textbook Tower

53 Responses to Sneak Peek: September Peek-A-Newz Prizes

  1. KarenaJ says:

    Off topic request- if anyone has an extra spin coupon for the Vacation wheel, could you send it my way. I got super busy with work and miscalculated my time, missed a spin in this last week now I’m going to come up one spin short for the Deluxe Challenge. I had all the prizes already and it slipped my mind. Long shot but I’m hoping maybe…

  2. ojibwa says:

    The table is so pretty — but those soft gray items are incredibly rare!

  3. supermousecomputer says:

    What pet can you win?

  4. 7debbie7 says:

    Happy To See The Soft Gray Dining Table….Nice Addition To This New Theme. Thanks Ganz.

  5. gingerdare says:

    The dining table is gorgeous but I’ve only managed to get 2 dining chairs so far.

  6. nanamama12 says:

    Oh, it’s a small dining table….good, because I have hardly any chairs.

    • RRB says:

      This is exactly what I was thinking. But, it is a nice looking freebie!

      • megamom12 says:

        It really is. I have my new Sheepdog in the room I’m working on with this mini-theme. I’m still puzzling out what other items that I can use with it to fill out a full room. Things like bathroom and kitchen, other bedroom items…that sort of thing.

  7. wintercrush says:

    Love the table but frustratingly i haven’t got any of the chairs from this month despite playing daily on two accounts! I know they’re rare but there’s rare and then there’s impossible!

    • lilstinky says:

      I agree! I opened 20 PAN boxes, from my three accounts the other day, and not one was a dining chair. That was in addition to boxes I opened earlier in the month, too. I hope they make the chairs, especially, available in other ways.

  8. okira says:

    Awesome, sapphires! :D

  9. mhrd19 says:


  10. Alphaowlbear says:

    What a pretty table! They would look really nice for a sidewalk cafe.

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