Sneak Peek: Snowy Retriever Puppy Medallion Event!


Starting on December 1, look for Snowy Retriever Puppy Pet Medallions floating across your screen on Webkinz Classic, and click on them to add them to your collection (limited to 4 per day, 5 for Deluxe players). If you manage to collect one hundred medallions by December 31, you’ll be able to adopt this pup for free!



To make it a little easier, you’ll get twenty-five Snowy Retriever Puppy Pet Medallions in your gift box on Christmas Day. Have you already adopted this pet? Keep collecting Snowy Retriever Puppy Pet Medallions, because every time you collect ten, you can trade them for an AnyPet Medallion that you can use towards any of your Medallion Pets!



Click on the MY PETS paw print button, near your pet’s portrait (bottom left side of your screen), and click on the MEDALLIONS tab to view your collection. When you have collected one hundred Snowy Retriever Puppy Pet Medallions, an ADOPT button will appear under the pet, and you’ll be able to add it to your Webkinz family!


Have you already adopted a Snowy Retriever Puppy? Let us know in the comment section below…


21 Responses to Sneak Peek: Snowy Retriever Puppy Medallion Event!

  1. chickenlittleROX says:

    Trade them for AnyPet medallions

  2. blackball says:

    Yes, that is what I do trade them for other pet medallions.

  3. ambymoo says:

    I am so grateful Webkinz does this every year, but I also wish we could get medallions for another pet. I am running out of “F” names for my snowy retrievers!

  4. cecedancer406 says:

    I enjoy the pet medallions events in April and December however, I wish there were different pet options. I know many of us have several of these Snowy Retrievers and several Kiwi birds.

  5. OtterPikaLove says:

    I do wish you would get a new pet for this. I have five or six of these retrievers, and three or four kiwis.

  6. dgb2010 says:

    So happy that this event is back.

  7. 7debbie7 says:

    Can’t Wait…Adore This Precious Pup! Thanks Ganz.

  8. smarie22 says:

    This is an awesome opportunity to get more medallions & adopt a new furry friend! I can’t wait!

  9. migrubbs says:

    hope in the future you’ll add new Pet Medallions of new pets.

  10. catgirl3004 says:

    I adopted one last year, so I’m not too interested in adopting a second. Hoping we get some refreshed and new medallion events next year!

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