Webkinz St. Patrick’s Day Events 2017



You won’t want to miss a St. Patrick’s Day event in Webkinz World! Click on a button below to learn more about each event:





On St. Patrick’s Day, head to Today’s Activities in Webkinz World and look for special Quick Draw events scheduled throughout the day!


What event are you looking forward to the most? Let us know by leaving a comment in the section below…


16 Responses to Webkinz St. Patrick’s Day Events 2017

  1. kattkitty55 says:

    I cannot find the leprachaun at all in any of the clubhouses.

  2. penster says:

    Sadly things are not working properly when it comes to both the floating green box here on news and this months peak a news is also not showing up on my account. Please fix!

  3. Sodacheery says:

    Everybody’s buzzing about St Patrick’s day in class, but I’m super excited because webkinz St Patrick’s day is better then my town’s. Also it signals my birthday coming up in april! Yes!

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