Sneak Peek: Summer Shopping Spree!



From Monday, July 4, to Tuesday, July 12, log in to your Webkinz Classic account to get a free piece of retired summer clothing every day! Your clothing will be added to your Dock as soon as you log in.


Here’s a look at the schedule:



Once you have collected your daily piece of clothing, look for the floating Spree die and click on it to have a bonus Spree roll added to your account. You’ll be able to use it the next time you play Spree at the Webkinz Classic Games Arcade.


The number of bonus rolls you can collect each day is based on your membership level. Here’s a look at the daily limits:



Play SPREE at the Webkinz Classic Games Arcade and use the credits you collect to trade for prizes when you make it to the mall!



Don’t miss a day of the Summer Shopping Spree!


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16 Responses to Sneak Peek: Summer Shopping Spree!

  1. cyj4ever says:

    anyone else not able to open any of the peek a newz prizes?

  2. Elizabeh says:

    HURRAY ! Was away, so very glad for 2017 n 2018 items. Dont know why I missed the super, sensational, striped T-shirt ! Stripes are my favorite ! Was it a deluxe item ? Thanks for a super line up. Hope everyone gets something they missed first go round.

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