Sneak Peek – Supreme Sapling Vote!

Something special is taking root – a vote to determine the Supreme Sapling in all of Webkinz World! What will be the winner? Webkinz players of course, because at the end of the vote, we will give away a free community code for the winning sapling!

Supreme Sapling Vote
Enchanted Saplings are seedlings for customizable trees. Drag and drop saplings into your pet’s room to open up an interface that lets you choose from three different treetops, three different trunks, and three different bases. You can combine the options however you like to create a unique tree!

Supreme Sapling Vote
Starting November 7, every day we will be posting pairings of saplings in the Contests section of Webkinz Newz and asking you to choose. You can access the Contests page above in the banner at the top of Webkinz Newz, or you can link to it from the Supreme Sapling Vote page when the voting starts on November 7. Come back every day and cast your vote between that day’s pairing. We will eventually narrow the field down to three final saplings before announcing the winner and posting your free code on November 29!

Supreme Sapling Vote
Which sapling will reign supreme? Visit Ganz eStore to learn more about saplings and how they work and get a handle on all the competitors, and come back to Webkinz Newz starting November 7 to cast your vote!

Supreme Sapling Vote


37 Responses to Sneak Peek – Supreme Sapling Vote!

  1. Sparky1109 says:

    Is there a gallery of saplings? I had no idea there were so many!

    • MONKEYSMILE05 says:

      Yes and no. I did a general web serch of “WEBKINZ CARING VALLEY SAPLINGS” an I chose a site that had photos of each. ANCIENT OAK is in the ESTORE . I looked it does match closly to the Wish factory Willows tree .

  2. gmatiny says:

    WOW I just had a cool thought ! WOULN’T it be nice to get a CAREING VALLEY CANDLE !!

  3. Grumpylas says:

    This is awesome! I have purchased many of these saplings, but was sad to find out they can not be placed in an indoor room! With all the amazing new wallpapers from the eStore,would love to use these saplings! PLEASE let us put them indoors!!!!!

  4. nanamama12 says:

    I’m going to have to go look into getting saplings. I didn’t know that you could actually pick them up at the E-Store!

  5. ClairebearWebkinz says:

    What a cool and unique voting event! Love this idea!! Excited to see who reigns supreme!

  6. obie987 says:

    sounds like fun!

  7. KarenaJ says:

    I adore saplings! This will be so fun!

  8. tinygma says:

    IF you get them to a the AINCENT OAK I will get 2 at least . Love the little lion like face . Like the Willow in Wish Factory I use these as story tellers. I set pillows or a log in front of the tree . It looks like its telling storys . Just my twist on the trees . ;)

  9. LovesStaffordshires says:

    I hope the charming cherry, radiant rose, healthy harvest hawthorne, spooky spindle, chilly cypress & festive fir saplings are in the final three. Pittiesrule

  10. darlabell says:

    I hope they are all working, I bought one a while ago and it wouldn’t work, had to have CS remove it from my account!

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