SNEAK PEEK: Tile Towers Arcade Challenge!


Hey there arcade enthusiasts! The Tile Towers Arcade Challenge returns to Webkinz Classic on Monday, July 26th, and players who complete the challenge by Sunday, August 8th, will win some cool prizes!


But don’t leave this challenge until the last minute… even though we’ve added an extra week to this challenge, some tasks will take some time to complete.



Here’s how to play: Starting on Monday, July 26th, look for the Tile Towers Arcade Challenge icon in your pet’s room. It will be displayed along the left side of the room (Webkinz Classic desktop app only):



Click on the icon to review your tasks. There are 3 tasks you’ll need to complete by midnight, August 8th (EST) to earn all the prizes:


  1. Earn 150 KinzCash playing Tile Towers at the Arcade
  2. Spin the Wheel of WOW 4 times
  3. Win two games of Dogbeard’s Bathtub Battles at the Tournament Arena



Complete all the tasks before time runs out and you’ll win a Bejeweled Coffee Table and a Golden Hippo Fridge from the retired Egyptian Theme!



How many levels can YOU get playing Tile Towers? Let us know in the comments below!


25 Responses to SNEAK PEEK: Tile Towers Arcade Challenge!

  1. netge says:

    Hi @TREXJT2013, your room looks great, wish I was there. It has been a few years since we were last busy on the forums trading pet specific foods. I hope your ‘difficulties’ from that time have been resolved. I have missed you very much and think of you every day when I play Webkinz. Very best wishes my friend. from netge

  2. bonesbongo says:

    Congrats TREXJT2013 on having your Carnival Cruise Line featured. I would love to be there relaxing and enjoying the sun. Great Job! Looking forward to win these great prizes I LOVE playing Tile Towers one of my favorite games along with Dogbeard’s Bathtub Battles. ~ shelkinz67

  3. dawnshome says:

    We sure could use a new rare theme, it’s been quite a while!

  4. nanamama12 says:

    I’m so excited for the Egyptian Coffee Table! My museum is coming along slowly but surely

  5. habibi24 says:

    Thank you for letting us win some of the awesome, but unfortunately retired, rare Curio Shop items!!! The Egyptian Theme is my favorite!! I love the Golden Hippo Fridge. I’m always willing to add to my Egyptian room. The only two items I don’t have are the Grand Egyptian Column & the Elegant Egyptian Vanity. Hint, hint for other challenge prizes! :) Also it would be cool to have challenges that had the Kooky Scientist theme items as prizes.

  6. tuxkitty1 says:

    I love Tile Towers! Not a fan of the tournament stuff tho.

  7. alucard says:

    Well….I was totally excited about this challenge, as I LOVE playing Tile Towers, and I really want the Bejeweled Coffee Table and the Golden Hippo Fridge. (I LOVE the retired Ancient Egyptian Theme and really need those two pieces!) BUT…then, I saw we HAVE to WIN two games of Dogbeard’s Bathtub Battles in the Tournament Arena!!!! :-( Why do we have to play games in the Tournament Arena? It’s so discouraging for those who are not good at these games or do not like to play against other players or Hosts! I guess I’ll just buy the ePoints to skip this part of the challenge. :-( Forgive my complaining here. I just don’t like playing in the TA! I do, however, LOVE the rest of the challenge and the prizes! Thank you, Ganz/Webkinz, for giving us a chance to get these beautiful retired prizes! It’s sad that it sometimes takes years for players to complete a collection of retired room items. It would be nice if you could occasionally add retired themes like this to the WShop for a whole month. I would add ePoints to my account just to get these retired items, especially the Egyptian Theme. :-)

    • Wingsfan65 says:

      @alucard—save your ePoints–if you have two accounts and you’re Friends with each other, get one to invite the other (while both are logged on) to play the game. You can either deliberately lose to get the win, or if you run out of time (I *think* you only have a certain amt of time for your next move), I think the other player wins by default. Good luck! I love the beautiful prizes in this challenge–thank you in advance, Webkinz! (and Tower Tiles is SO fun to play, esp. on Next!)

    • Rareone says:

      I understand Alucard, however, if you want to friend me, (UN 65peaches), I will gladly play to lose. I place all my ships around the edges when I do this, so just stay away from the edges :)

    • Beckinz8 says:

      Hi @alucard! I happen to enjoy Dogbeard’s Bathtub Battles, and would be happy to lose to help you to complete that part of the challenge. Please don’t spend your hard earned eStore points that way. I think that we are already friends in WW, but I don’t remember if your UN is different. Mine is, but it still ends in 8. Whenever you see me on, challenge me to a game and I will be happy to help. That’s what being part of a caring community means – helping others in need!

    • alucard says:

      Thank you, Rareone and Beckinz8! Webkinz Friends always bring me up when I am down! Y’all are just awesome! I will look for you both when I play Dogbeard’s Bathtub Battles! Thank you both so much! My user name is farout1 and farout4, for my two major accounts. Beckinz8, I have one friend on my farout1 account whose UN ends in 8, so I think that must be you! :-)

  8. Woof02120 says:

    I wish we had more options to get the Egyptian Theme. It’s quite stunning!

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