Sneak Peek: What is Webkinz X?


It’s already been a busy year with the 10th anniversary of Webkinz World, but we’ve only just begun! This summer we will be debuting “Webkinz X”, the next step in the continuing evolution of Webkinz!




Webkinz X will be a huge leap forward in the look and feel of the game, keeping everything you love, but adding some new and exciting elements!



Here’s the second sneak peek look at one of the NEW important elements that will be a part of the NEW Webkinz!






Stay tuned to Webkinz Newz for more sneak peek reveals of Webkinz X! Expanding your family of pets is going to be “Xtra” rewarding!



Want to see our first sneak peak for Webkinz X? Click here.



What secrets do YOU think Project X has in store for players? Let us know in the comments below!



345 Responses to Sneak Peek: What is Webkinz X?

  1. cheddar4928 says:

    I’m confused, is this a new game, or an update??!

  2. lalakr06 says:

    i cant believe that they are changing webkinz everyone get ready webkinz is changing fast or maby a little too fast because this is big i wander if webkinz can handle it

  3. marie53 says:

    it looks like a new map of Webkinz world!!!!! that is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. CaboRana says:

    Webkinz X? Are they changing webkinz? I do NOT like that idea! I agree with hobbit rocks,I don’t like the idea of changing webkinz world!

  5. Kinzvision_TV says:

    If it has anything to do with updating the house features, I’m in. I REALLY want to be able to delete rooms someday. I have so many useless ones. We should be able to delete them, and rearrange them! It would be a nice addition! Another fun thing… would be if you could own multiple houses! That would be AWESOME.

  6. CoolRossillongirl says:

    It said it would keep what you love. READ IT CORRECTLY, PEEPS (or in this case, Webkinz peeps).

    • snowdog2002 says:

      yeah okay I hear you but I have played since 07 and not all of their “exciting” changes have been good ones in my opinion (deluxe & e-pets just to name some). all I know is people have a right to be concerned about the “NEW Webkiz”

  7. 11roxy4 says:

    x=10 maby there making 10 estore pets into plush ones

  8. dancerellabella4 says:

    oh my goodness i am so eXcited!!!!!!!! ;)

  9. BalloonTaylor says:

    You know, I don’t like the design. I’ve played since 2010, but don’t want it to change crazy. It looks cool, though..

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