SNEAK PEEK: Wheel of WOW Challenge!


Hey there arcade enthusiasts! The Wheel of WOW Arcade Challenge returns to Webkinz Classic on Monday, February 12th, and players who complete the challenge by Sunday, March 3rd, will win some cool prizes!


But don’t leave this challenge until the last minute… some tasks will take some time to complete.





Here’s how to play: Starting on Monday, February 12th, look for the Wheel of WOW Arcade Challenge icon in your pet’s room. It will be displayed along the left side of the room (Webkinz Classic desktop app only):



Click on the icon to review your tasks. There are 3 tasks you’ll need to complete by midnight, March 3rd (EST) to earn all the prizes:


  1. Spin the Wheel of WOW 7 times at the Arcade
  2. Spend 500 KinzCash at the WShop
  3. Make 25 wishes playing Wishing Well 2 at the Arcade



Complete all the tasks before time runs out and you’ll win some Wheel of WOW Cookies, along with Wheel of WOW Flooring and Wallpaper!





What are some of YOUR favorite Wheel of WOW prizes? Let us know in the comments below!





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23 Responses to SNEAK PEEK: Wheel of WOW Challenge!

  1. ezelma says:

    I have never won the jellybean game I hope to one day win been playing webkinz a lot of years

  2. davish6600 says:

    off topic…why dont they re;ace je;;ybean challenge with someting new like a Pong type game. who has won a jellybean jar by guessing one number from l to 10,000? useless game!!

    • caseyspacey says:

      davish6600 Jellybean Challenge is not a useless game, but it is challenging. I’ve won three times, the first by default by looking at the guide. I know one day you will win one. Just got to have faith my friend.

      • Sooners77 says:

        Wow, I’m impressed! I have always wondered if they round up? For example, if I type in ’2222′. Should I stick to ’2220′ or ’2225′? How in the world could anyone guess it exactly.

        • Josewag20 says:

          The correct answer will always end in a 5 or 0. You can use the pictures here: to determine the range where you should make you guesses

          • Sooners77 says:

            Thank you for this helpful information. I saved this page in my favorites and will definitely look at it next time. I appreciate you taking the time to answer my question.

          • Sooners77 says:

            I’m so happy! I just won the Jellybean Challenge on Feb. 15th. Never, never thought that would happen! I used the pictures in Webkinz Guide and guessed 3,865 for my second guess and I got it. Yay! I got my badge and a Jar of Super Jellybeans. So excited, and thanks again for your help.

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